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Anchal is next, and Sutan tells her to suck it in. Anchal says that she is sucking it in, and Sutan tells her to suck it in harder. Anchal hopes that she gets some good pictures, but is kind of nervous. Melrose, full of the commentary as usual, says that Anchal is doing the same thing the whole time. Anchal saw the other girls looking at her while she was flipping around, and wanted them to stop. Jay says that Anchal didn't come off as graceful, as if that's anything new. Jay hates Anchal! Eugena is next, and Jay tells her that if she wants to change arm positions, she needs to do it really slowly. Eugena kind of flails around, too. She says that this shoot is important. The judges keep telling her that she has no face in pictures, so her goal was to have a nice face through the goggles and helmet and the wind, etc. She seems to do a pretty decent job.

And then it's time for Melrose. Jay says that she always gives them a great shot, and he wants her to make the other girls hate her even more. Before entering the chamber, she says, "I don't know if that's possible," in a really good natured way. Okay, that was kind of endearing. And it's good to see a little self-awareness! Melrose interviews that she thinks because she's doing well, she's intimidating other girls. Okay, forget what I said about self-awareness. Caridee interviews that Melrose is her biggest competition, because Melrose tries as hard as she does. Jay says that, though he wanted Melrose to be great, she was actually pretty flat. Melrose's face read completely blank. He tells her that she lost it. She's not happy. Anchal is overjoyed that Melrose wasn't the best. I was happy about it too, and then I got to panel and that good feeling was lost. But more on that later.

Caridee is raring to go, and says that this is the coolest thing she's ever done. Cooler than Dennis Quaid? How can it be so?!? She was a little apprehensive at first because she gets motion sickness easily, but says that she felt free and light in the air. But watching her, she is like a crackhead in a wind tunnel. She is flailing all over the place, and at one point knocks the instructor who's holding her into the wall. Yikes. Jay says that Caridee didn't listen when they told all the girls to make their movements really slow. But to her credit, she kept reaching for the Cover Girl foundation while flailing. Caridee says that she was twisting and turning and taking the instructors for a ride. They were really tired afterwards. We see them lying down by the chamber, all bruised and battered.

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