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Lisa Needs Her Diaper Changed

Jayla's strategy for marketing herself is to be as loud and energetic as possible, and also to mask what a jerk she really is. She goes through the life-story collage, and the editors throw in some vocal effects and background whistling music to show that she is boring the hell out of Benny. I'm surprised they don't CGI a long, Rip Van Winkle-esque beard on him. Benny says that Jayla has so little personal resonance that he can't even remember her. HA!

Kim is next, and says that in addition to being versatile, she has acting experience. Ah, the magic words. Also, she looks especially hot. She says that she diversifies the competition on account of her being a big dyke. She says that her passion now is modeling, but that acting had been her passion in the past. Benny likes Kim's combination of angst and passion, and also thinks that her "pedigree" bodes well for her. Guess she put the Wesleyan Crest on the collage, or a picture of a purebred Schnauzer.

Finally, there is Lisa, who is her typical cracked-out whore self. She says that she can handle all of the crap that life throws at her, handle any task put in front of her, do it beautifully, and smile at the end. She starts crying, which mystifies Benny. She says that she's been waiting for such an opportunity all of her life. After she leaves, Benny says, "Why do you think she started to cry? It was weird." I get the feeling that after Lisa leaves any room, there is often a conversation that begins, "[Question]? It was weird."

The assistant lady draws all the girls together and announces that she and Benny think Kim has the most star potential. Cut to Lisa's tempered reaction. Kim is psyched, as she should be. She says that this week is the first in which she thinks that victory may be within her reach. Lisa interviews that it stinks that Kim won and she didn't, but it's all okay. Lies!

Meanwhile, Kim goes to the Veronica Mars set. She explains that her character is a jaded underachiever, and also very sarcastic, and that she thinks she can do that. Kim says that Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell, is really nice. Kim -- a natural wardrobe fit in her character's rental-car company employee shirt and tie -- talks to Kristen, who dreamily says, "Let me know if you want to rehearse. I can totally rehearse." Yet another notch on the field hockey stick, is Kristen Bell.

The scene plays out. Basically, Veronica Mars left her laptop in a rental car and needs to get it back posthaste. ["Actually, Veronica was also acting." -- Wing Chun] At one point, Kim picks up the phone as if she's making a call, and the director interjects, "Dial the phone, Kim." Heh. In general, her performance seems fine. ["Yeah, she was pretty good, but that's possibly because the camera was never on her for more than three consecutive seconds." -- Wing Chun] Kim says that it took a few minutes for her to get used to the set, because she is not at all used to cameras surrounding her and capturing her nightly escapades (for example). She monotones that it was an exciting day for her, and that she likes being a TV star.

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