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Lisa Needs Her Diaper Changed

When Kim returns home, she talks to the other girls and says how exciting it was finally to win a challenge. Lisa drunkenly says that she really wanted to win that competition, but that it's all good that she didn't. She adds that she won two challenges and is happy with that. She congratulates Kim, and adds, "You deserve to win one." Kim, in the confessional with Nicole, discusses how Lisa is a passive-aggressive wanker. And really, it's kind of true. Back on the patio, Lisa says that she was proud of Kim when her name was called. Not content to leave it alone, she adds, "You must have said things that I didn't say, and good for you, Kim." Also, she did not act like a lunatic crack whore, one might add. Lisa interviews that she was not jealous of Kim's victory. Kim confessionalizes, "Um, everyone can see through that, you jealous idiot." Touché! And, commercials.

Meanwhile, in Naima's Life as a Cover Girl, we learn that she, too, had a guest spot on Veronica Mars. Guess that gig isn't too hard to come by after all.

We return to Tyra Mail: "Don't let your fears of the wild keep you from looking fierce." The girls speculate that the shoot will involve animals. They are right, if you consider that the shoot will involve Lisa. The arrive at a lovely Hollywood Hills house the next morning and prepare to get all Joan Embry on Jay's ass. Jay tells them that they're going to get to let loose and have some fun in a "high-fashion mad" shoot. Lisa is excited. Nadia Pandolfo is the photographer. Jay sends them to hair and makeup, and says that he'll bring them down to run through their little scenarios. Nicole gets some giant blonde hair, while the others are curled, straightened, or teased as necessary. Jay calls them together and says that, to get them to the level of anger that he wanted, he thought he might need something to antagonize them. More Janice! More Janice! But alas, it is the MTV Wildboyz. I have no idea who they are, but one is a midget named "Wee Man." Also, when the Backstreets were being formed, their creepy fat-ass manager totally said to them, "You know what would add a little extra zing to the act? If you called yourself Boyz with a Z." And even the Christian one was all, "Dude, that's too queer even for us." Jayla explains that the Wildboyz used to be on Jackass. Photos tell us that they enjoy exposing themselves and wearing women's clothing. Jayla says that they are worse than Lisa. Time will tell. Jay says that the Wildboyz will serve as the girls' "entourage gone wild" in their shoot. Bre says that she's scared, and doesn't want to work with them. Wee Man sexually harasses the girls. One of the taller ones points down his pants. Kim says that the person who would most likely get along with The Wildboyz is "disgusting, crazy, Lisa." That's like the name and tag line for Lisa's perfume. "Disgusting. Crazy. Lisa." Lisa interviews that she was glad not to be the only crazy one on set.

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