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The Girl Whose Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her

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Lisa Needs Her Diaper Changed

Lisa's shoot is first. She has to act angry that the Wildboyz have stolen her makeup kit. She runs around and yells at them and slaps them and whatnot. The photographer tells her to not look quite so ugly, apparently not yet knowing that Lisa can't help it. The midget says that Lisa was the first one up and "killed it." I guess "it" is "any remaining sense of humanity." Lisa smacks one of the tall guys with a towel.

Hair stylist Rob Talty asks Bre if she's going to tear the Boyz a new one. She laughs. She has to act as if she needs to get her underwear back from the Boyz. She screams as the Wildboyz act stupid. They start throwing underwear at her, which makes her get even more pissed. The hairy, tall Wildboy says that a lot of chicks don't like getting panties thrown at them. Tom Jones, however, does. Bre says she wants to know who the Wildboyz' parents are, because she was not amused by their childish games.

Nicole has to act like she came home to find her Wildboy lover in bed with Kim. This is extra-funny, of course, because Kim is a lesbian. HA HA, how do they come up with such hilarity? Nicole yells that her boyfriend is cheating on her, and keeps laughing while doing it. The non-hairy straight guy says that he's trying to convert a lesbian, and the midget says, "Moan like you like it." That little guy is gross. The photographer says she felt like Nicole was a little bit fake. The non-hairy tall guy says that Nicole was the best, and that he loved every minute during which she smacked him with a purse. When the shoot is over, he runs up and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Nicole thinks she did well, and had fun on the shoot.

Jayla has to pretend-scream on her shoot, because it involves a dog. The twenty seconds of her fake screaming over and over are hilarious. The photographer says that Jayla was confident, but really only gave one look. The hairy tall guy says that Jayla had a challenge on her hands, what with the working with wild animals. The tall guy feeds the pit bull spaghetti Lady and the Tramp-style. Jayla says that the shoot was difficult, but that she thinks she got one good shot.

Nik is next, and is looking mighty hot in her underwear. She starts screaming, and the Wildboyz, who are wearing her dresses, start jumping around. The tall non-hairy one keeps exposing himself as his dress flies up. Why did they never make Coryn try this move? Nik can see none of this. She asks the other girls why they were laughing, and Bre says, "Penis -- a whole lot of it." Or, more likely, a whole little of it.

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