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The Girl Whose Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her

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Lisa Needs Her Diaper Changed

Finally, there is Kim, who wears a pink mini-dress and yellow fur stole as the Wildboyz jump into a pool behind her. She screams for a long time, and says she almost passed out. The tall non-hairy one says that the best thing about Kim is her attitude. At this, the Boyz throw her into the pool. Non-Hairy says that he did his best to convert Kim from her lesbianism. I think he's usually more successful at converting girls to lesbianism. The hairy one says that she probably was converted, and Non-Hairy says that she wasn't 100% lesbian to begin with.

After the shoot, the Wildboyz flirt with Nicole. Non-Hairy offers his bed if she needs a place to stay in Hollywood. Bre interviews that Nicole gets along best with the Wildboyz, and that Non-Hairy (whose name is actually Steve-O) is in love with her. Nicole gets a footrub from Steve-O and enjoys all the male attention. And then Lisa walks in and says, "I'm wearing your guys's [sic, sic] underwear!" Hairy calmly asks, "Why?" Yes, Lisa is wearing a diaper. Of course. Nicole interviews that, when she was getting a little attention from Steve-O, Lisa had to walk in with a diaper on, because she has to outshine everyone. I don't know that wearing a diaper is the most effective way to outshine someone, but then again, I have not spent a day in Lisa's brain. Thank the Lord. Nicole tells Steve-O that Lisa is so weird, and Steve-O says, "She's so Fatal Attraction." Watch out, Mr. Bojangles. Bre says to Jayla, "Why's she wearing a diaper, again?" When Jayla says she doesn't know, Bre says, "Oh. Just thought I'd ask." The other girls are pretty disgusted by the whole thing. But they have no idea what is yet to come, as Lisa then announces that she wants to "test out" the diaper. The Wildboyz laugh as Lisa pees. Bre interviews that no woman of class -- especially a supermodel in the making -- is going to do something as disgusting as peeing on herself during a job. Only the more ladylike coke-snorting and self-induced vomiting would befit a supermodel in the making. Nicole says that Lisa is disgusting, and Lisa replies, "Oh, girl, it's dedicated to you, man." Lisa does some of her crazy dances. Bre interviews that Lisa is a sick individual, and that she hopes that if Lisa wins the $100,000, she checks herself into a psych ward ASAP. I hope she creates her own Vegas lounge act. Commercials.

Tyra Mail! It's elimination time. Or is it? Kim confessionalizes that she started off thinking she didn't have a chance, but that she now believes in herself. Bre looks at her black-and-white photo, and Nicole says that she's nervous at every elimination, because they shock you every time. Hint, hint.

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