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Maria was of course the most ill-mannered of all, and actually left of her own accord soon after her non-makeover. We get a glimpse into what the other models actually thought of her, in some never-before seen footage. Kiara, Nastasia, Yvonne and Allyssa all piled into the confessional booth and talked about how stubborn and stupid Maria was to deny a Christophe of Beverly Hills makeover in front of Christophe himself! Nobody could believe Maria has a master's degree, much less from Harvard. Allyssa put it best when she said, "Maria? You stupid."

The girls then had a nude shoot in the park with super-sexy male model and judge Rob Evans. Despite her real-ass bitch status, Darian could only bring awkwardness to her shoot and was eliminated. Meanwhile, Victoria's undying devotion to her mother continued to puzzle the other girls. We see Victoria saying that when Tyra called her name all she could think about was her mom, and getting a whole bunch of "WTF?" expressions in return. Kiara took it upon herself to give Victoria a little tough love. As Victoria talked about how she and her mom would drive to castings and sleep in their car to save money, Kiara noted that Victoria is no longer fourteen and should be able to do... well, anything... without her mom by her side. Victoria felt attacked, but Kiara tried to impart upon her that some separation from your parental figure is healthy. Kiara said in an interview that if she had a dollar for every time Victoria mentioned her mom, she'd have the $100,000 prize already. Victoria just wants Kiara to shut up and cook her potatoes.

The models then headed to Santa Monica for an acting challenge with Tyler Perry. We didn't see their impromptu practice session, which encouraged them to really dig deep. The girls were given various scenarios, and Tyra told them that the more over the top they were, the better. Victoria's scenario was as such: Your fiancé says he's in love with your brother. I paused this episode to type that, and I can't even tell you the anticipation that resulted! Victoria of course went into how betrayed she felt for losing her virginity to the brother-lover because she is maybe a little bit obsessed with virginity. In Leila's scenario, she walked in on her boyfriend making out with her mom, played by Tyra Banks who screamed, "Do you understand? I'm gong through the change right now!" I have to admit to actually liking Tyra for just a moment there. Yvonne had been dating her boyfriend for years and got a box from him containing... a necklace. She dropped a reference to a pregnancy scare, with a bonus finger wave. Flash back to Victoria's scenario, in which she yelled, "I don't have a problem with gay marriage! I'm an open person!" And then, "Like, a three-way with my brother?" In Victoria's family, there's nothing that would be a true surprise.

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