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And then there was the zombie photo shoot! Destiny gave TOO much zombie realness, and withered away at panel. She was so dull in the end that we waste no more time on her before going on to another trivia question! "Who has a Marc Jacobs bag named after him?" The options are: P'Trique, Bryanboy, Johnny Wujek and Rob Evans. Surprisingly, the answer is Bryanboy, and the bag is called the Marc Jacobs "BB" bag. Are we SURE that bag is not in tribute to Bob Barker and that this is Marc Jacobs' way of encouraging us to get our pets spayed or neutered?

All season long, Kristin and Leila had a bitter feud, ostensibly over Laura's friendship. Kristin held firm to the belief that Leila was up Laura's butt, and that the two of them would fight to the death over Laura. In Laura's actual anal cavity? Exciting! Leila thought that Kristin had a pretty face but an ugly, dirty, all-around champion stank personality, which was actually true, even though I must admit that she was highly amusing from time to time. What we didn't see (but probably inferred) was Kiara adding fuel to the fire. No fan of Laura, Kiara said that with Kristin in her back pocket, Laura started acting "like a blonde." Kiara felt strongly that the hair dye had gone to Laura's brain, but stated that she could never quite get to Kristin's level, given that Kristin is "dumb as rocks." In support of Kiara's statement, we see footage of Kristin vacantly saying such things as, "I can't wait to look at makeup," and, "I didn't really like school. I didn't really go to school at all." An excellent role model for the college cycle, I'd say!

The next photo shoot involved the girls being tossed up in the air as cheerleaders with a high fashion edge. A lot of girls struggled with this shoot -- Laura's fear of heights came into play, while Allyssa made one of the male cheerleaders who was doing the tossing bleed from the head. But in the end Leila was eliminated in something of a shocker, thus giving her a comeback opportunity later. Meanwhile, in never before seen footage, the previously eliminated girls -- Jessie, Darian and Destiny -- were brainstorming about who might have been eliminated. Jessie proposed that it could be "one of the heavier girls," you know, because of the tossing in the air and stuff. They were all totally shocked when Leila walked through the door or, rather, swam through it in a puddle of tears. They instantly became a hug-pod, and Destiny even told Leila that she was so much better than the rest of them. Both Destiny and Jessie thought that Leila was going to win, and then assured her that she actually still could.

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