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Allyssa's elimination was sad times for all the girls, but Kristin was particularly enraged and blamed it all on Victoria. In never before seen footage, Kristin shared with Brittany precisely how much she despises Victoria and the stupid character roles that she gets into. Kristin then interviewed that Victoria is stupid and added a soulful, "I hate her." Hating people is sort of Kristin's modus operandi, is it not?

And then it was time for the models to go on castings! When Victoria did not book a single casting, she was left distraught. MORE distraught. What we didn't see (even though fundamentally we'd seen it about 1,000 times) was the girls questioning Victoria's ability to handle stress. When Kiara asked if she was OK, Victoria said that she was, but was frustrated that she didn't book something. Kristin added, "I just want to know what's wrong with you." I mean, she has a point. She added, "Your actions make us nervous." In turn, Victoria called Kristin simple-minded. And again, I'd say that's a fair assessment. Kiara said she would stop with the inquisition before Victoria got uncomfortable (too late!) but added as she walked away that she really hoped that everything was okay.

At the next photo shoot, the girls all got scared straight with a taste of prison life, '50s bad girl style. It was too much of a challenge for Brittany, who really prefers the "Whistle While You Work" crowd to the "Indecent Exposure" crowd. She was eliminated. But before she could leave, Tyra had a special announcement -- it was time to find out which of the girls had the highest social media score average and thus would be re-entering the competition. It came down to Leila and Allyssa, and to no one's surprise Leila made the official comeback. And just in time to join the other girls for their trip to Jamaica!

But before we get to all the Jamaican shenanigans, we have another trivia question: "If you were to make Rob his favorite dinner, what would that be?" The options are spaghetti and meatballs, sushi, jerk chicken, and cucumber beet salad. The answer is jerk chicken, which gave me a really sloppy visual of Rob slathering Tyra with jerk sauce during one of their romantic interludes. Apparently Rob can't stand cucumber beet salad. Has anyone out there actually heard of cucumber beet salad? How oddly specific!

So, when Leila returned to the competition, she did not exactly get a warm welcome back. Laura was peeved by the comeback because Leila was a real competitor, particularly for shoots requiring a high fashion look. Kristin of course just felt blinding hate. When the ladies got to Jamaica, they were greeted by hot male models, and Kiara wasted no time in getting her flirt on. They moved into their villa at the Half Moon resort, which was of course gorgeous, and in never-before-seen footage, the male models came back to treat them to a day in the sun. They went kayaking and paddleboating and swimming, which also gave them time to admire the chiseled abs of their companions. Kiara went paddleboating with male model Korey, who totally managed to get her to drop her pants by saying that what he really liked about her was... their conversations. Nicely played, stud. Kiara told us that no one had ever said that to her before, which you'd think might facilitate an above-the-head light bulb, but didn't.

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