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Meanwhile, Victoria loved the water and the beach, but not so much her male companion, Bobby, who would not allow her to have any much-desired alone time. Kiara confirmed for us that Bobby was all over Victoria, and Victoria said, "I'm a feminist, I'm a virgin... and stroking the hand... that's a little bit much." Victoria somehow managed to get into a prayer position while on a float in the ocean, which is true Godly dedication. And then we get more footage of Victoria telling us that having a boyfriend was never a priority for her, and losing her virginity would feel like she was invading her own personal boundaries. Her exit plan, in the event that Bobby got too forward, was to whack him upside the head, which seems sensible enough.

At the next photo shoot, the girls were caught in a love triangle between Rob and the sexy male models, and of course Victoria had another long, drawn-out backstory that involved re-naming Rob "Mattaa." Her tendency to overanalyze, along with her tendency to be balls-out crazy, finally got her sent home. A nation wept.

And then there was the dolphin challenge! Most of the girls had fun posing in the surf, and Laura even went so far as to flash everyone when she was boosted up by a pair of dolphins. Leila, however, got whacked in the leg by a dolphin nemesis. Despite this harrowing injury, she managed to win the challenge and chose Kiara to accompany her to a day at the spa. As they relaxed and waited to get beautified, they talked about how Laura and Kristin hated Leila, and Kiara chalked it up to the fact that Leila was a threat in the competition. She surmised that Laura and Kristin were bonus-pissed because Leila won the dolphin challenge while the two of them were at the bottom. The next day the girls got to sample some local cuisine, including a specialty called Lionfish. Apparently, if Lionfish is cooked the wrong way, you can die, due to its poisonous spikes. Nobody let Kristin near the frying pan!

Then there was the Dunn's River Falls shoot, when the girls were photographed by Tyra in a potentially dangerous setting. And yet none of them managed to bash their heads on the rocks. Sad times. We get to see some of Tyra's photos of the already-eliminated girls. Jessie looked divine, even with half a plastic hanger in her head. Meanwhile, Laura and Kristin both struggled. Despite her backstage panel freakout (number 3 below!), Kristin continued to fail at H2T modeling and was sent home.

And then it's time for another trivia question! Laura is a certified instructor in what? The choices are Pilates, aerobics, Lamaze, and scuba diving. LAMAZE? The actual answer is Pilates, and we learn that she's been certified since 2009. A real fascinating character, that one!

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