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Meanwhile, Brittany and Keenyah frolic in the waves of the Pacific. We get to see Brittany's awesome body and Keenyah's dowdy black one-piece bathing suit. They have fun.

Michelle looks hideous and is having difficulty. Jay yells, "Energy! Laugh! Do stuff! Give me something!" in that ineffective way of his. He tells Michelle that she lacked energy, and she seems like she is going to cry. He then interviews that he has to be honest because the girls have to learn from their mistakes, and that they only got one (emphasis on the word "one" as he holds up one finger) shot of Michelle. And if you haven't yet, really watch him when he talks to the camera, because he's truly at his most moronic. Michelle says that she thought she did okay, but that she's worried nonetheless. Naima is next, and interviews that, to do her best, she needs to put the competition out of her head and focus on herself and her character. What that has to do with this wet t-shirt contest masquerading as a photo shoot I do not know. Jay tells her that she did a great job and that they have a lot of pictures to choose from.

The wind machine churns as Rebecca poses and looks like The Joker from Batman. Mathu says that she still has "that Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" thing going on, and that Rebecca is "safe sex." She says that she doesn't know where she stands, and that if her photo isn't good, she could be sent home. Jay tells her to work on her sexuality and be more edgy. Tatiana whores around a tire, which makes Mathu orgasmically scream "Tatiana! Yes!" She interviews that she's interested in cars and gasoline, because she's an amateur mechanic or something in the spare time when she's not homelessly sleeping on the beach. Jay tells her that it was her best shoot, and she is happy. Lluvy is next. Jay tells her not to be afraid to act out the role of gas station slut, and Mathu tells her to have energy. All this is happening, mind you, while Q the wardrobe lady is actually tweaking Lluvy's nipple. They can show Lluvy's nipple being tweaked but not the Season 2 orgy? That is such a rip-off. Despite Jay's direction to smile and laugh and not show so much crotch, Lluvy and her tweaked nipples have difficulty. Afterward, Jay asks her if she thinks she's sexy, and Lluvy says that she doesn't, and that any time someone tells her to be sexy she just laughs. Oh, Lluvy is kind of adorable. She hopes that she has a good shot.

Then, some bullfighting music introduces the arrival of Keenyah and Brittany. Tiffany complains to them about how hard the shoot is. Keenyah interviews that other girls were tired and whatnot, but that she and Brittany were rested and relaxed and ready to go. Keenyah does a good job, but goes too fast for Mathu to capture on camera. Jay tells Brittany that she needs to believe her environment and act in it. She interviews that she didn't want to overdo the sex appeal and wind up with XXX poses. Jay says that Brittany reminded him of early Janice Dickinson, and she says that it's her favorite shoot so far and that she's feeling confident. She goofily strolls off with Keenyah, who puts an arm around her.

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