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And just when you think the segment is over, it continues. Tyra says that there are plenty of scam artists in the modeling industry and asks if any of them have been approached by people who claim that they can turn them into models for the right price. Tatiana raises her hand and says someone came to her and told her she was gorgeous and should be a model, but really just wanted her cold hard cash. Tatiana clearly believed what he said about her being gorgeous, however, which leads me to think that she lacks dental self-awareness. Rebecca had a similar experience. Tyra says that young girls everywhere should know that if an agency asks for any money up front, it is a scam. Tyra's mom says that top models have to also be top businesswomen. She advises them to surround themselves by experts in many fields, which is just what Tyra has done with the art director of all the ANTM photo shoots. For example. The camera pans to Joe and Tyra's dad. Tyra's mom adds that they also must be mindful that said experts are reputable. The camera then pans back a bit, and Joe and Tyra's dad are suddenly gone. I think maybe she ate them. Tyra talks more about the industry and her success and blah blah blah. She tries to convince the girls that her "realness" is responsible for her success, and tells them that they will be picked apart by the nation and by websites such as this one you're reading right now. Well, good point there. Lluvy says that she's her own toughest critic, and that she knows what she needs to work on. She thinks that being herself will get her through. She is wrong. Rebecca says that there is more to being a model than a pretty face. And with that, the segment is blessedly finally over.

The sun sets. Christina -- who is looking kind of pretty and will (until she does something annoying again) no longer be referred to as a head louse -- says that the stress in the house can tear you down. Tiffany walks by Keenyah, who is applying mascara in the mirror, and flips up her skirt enough to necessitate pixilation. Or, "titillation," as my spell check suggests. Tiffany says that being able to laugh with each other and have a good time is important. Naima straight-irons her Mohawk as Kahlen irons her skirt. Brittany says that she and Tiffany decided that they wanted to get dressed up, go out, and have some fun, along with some of the other girls. Brittany says that she's a crazy person who can go out and get wild without the benefit of alcohol. Or, conversely, with the benefit of alcohol, as we are about to see.

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