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Brittany then flings herself over the seat in the van on the ride home, and her private bits must be pixilated. I feel sorry for the editors on this episode for how much Brittany tang they were forced to observe and then obscure for the general viewing audience. They suffer so that we don't have to. Brittany and Tiffany note that Kahlen and Rebecca were sticks in the mud. Brittany is surprised, because Kahlen can sometimes be fun. Brittany makes noises of the wasted. She slurs, and Tiffany yells, and I think they're arguing over who is drunkest. Keenyah says that Brittany is normally very fun and playful, but that when she drinks she gets "really loose" and goes "really far out." We see footage of Brittany pressing her ass against the van window, and I really hope that these girls have some Lysol available. She moons first one lane of traffic, and then goes to the other side of the van and moons the other. Keenyah says that Brittany can be very unprofessional with stuff like that, which could get her eliminated. Dun dun duhhhhh! Commercials.

The next day, Brittany snores in bed. And I must note, as several form posters have observed, that Brittany has no fitted sheet on her mattress. She's just, like, sleeping on raw mattress, which seems gross and wrong. Rebecca interviews that she was bothered by the fact that girls were inappropriately clearing away dishes and dancing on the table at the beautiful Electric Lotus restaurant. We see Keenyah wake up on a sheetless bed similar to Brittany's. Are they actually at a youth hostel or something? Rebecca interviews that she loves Brittany, but she's not going to booze it up and ruin her chances to become a top model. Instead, she'll just take ratty pictures. Oops -- spoiler! Brittany lounges on her sheetless bed and says that she's a funny person. Christina laughs that Brittany is even funnier when she's drunk.

Tyra Mail! "Working hard each and every day with no play. Now it's time to party. Be gorgeous at 2:15 PM." The girls jump around and scream. Brittany notes how funny it is that they got this particular Tyra Mail after the previous night's festivities. The girls get ready, and Christina says that she was nervous and wondered what kind of party starts at 2:15 PM. It is true that early-starting parties only mean passing out by 7:30 PM, which bodes poorly for Brittany. Christina reconsiders a bright green dress, and Michelle looks at her hideous visage in the mirror. Keenyah interviews that they all got dolled up in their best black dresses. They go to a lovely house in Bel-Air, and I don't know why this show keeps trying to resurrect Fresh Prince nostalgia. Jay Manuel meets them and compliments their looks. He explains that Cover Girl is getting a makeover, and that the company is holding a party to unveil their new look and new products. Jay tells them that it's important for them to meet and impress everyone at the party. That is, all four people at the party.

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