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We enter the house and see walls of Cover Girl stuff. That is some subtle product placement, show. Keenyah is first to enter and is greeted, as all the girls will be, by current Cover Girl model Kiara. I am concerned that, without the benefit of Tips of the Week, Horsey Foreign Model is off somewhere painting circles of Wetslicks on her cheeks and wondering how to replicate an appropriate day to evening look. Christina enters and Michelle -- who has a major slit in her skirt -- follows. Jay tells us that the girls don't know that their challenge for the day is to work the crowd effectively at the party. There are top industry insiders from Elle, Cosmopolitan, and the Cover Girl brand who are secretly judging them. Brittany introduces herself to a few people, and looks positively Amazonian. Jay says that each girl will be judged on confidence and poise (at which we see Brittany bumbling), how the girls work the room and interact with other people (at which we see Tiffany failing and Keenyah succeeding), and how well their beauty truly shines inside and out (at which we see Michelle looking pensive and Brittany bumbling).

Keenyah tells one of the judges that she doesn't like the overly made-up look, but that she can use lots of Cover Girl product and still look natural. Keenyah is a born bullshitter. She interviews that she was focusing on leaving a good impression, and her interview hair is once again atrocious. Michelle says to one of the judges, "I've never been to, like, a big party like this before, so...I've been with my friends and stuff but...that's about it." Oh, the tried and true tale of the wrestler from Podunk. I imagine that the judges find it as tedious as we do. A bunch of judges hover around Naima, and one asks her how she feels to be the center of attention. She says that it humbles her, and the judges all think it's a good answer.

Outside of the party, Brittany explains that there are lots of insiders from "Elle Magazines [sic], Cosmopolitan...oh, no...that's the drink I had." We see footage of Brittany talking about how she wants to try a tasty drink that's being passed around. She grabs one off of a tray and notes that she's double-fisting. And, yeah, that's pretty classy. Lluvy interviews that Brittany is beautiful, but that sometimes her personality is too loud and forceful. Brittany calls for more drinks, and Lluvy says, "This is a modeling competition, not a 'who's the loudest chick' competition." And I think that nearly every competitor in the past four seasons has completed that fill in the blank sentence. "This is a modeling competition, not a best friend competition." "This is a modeling competition, not a niceness competition." "This is a modeling competition, not a 'who can discover the girth of Michelle's she-nis' competition."

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