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Brittany and Keenyah enter their posh room, which seems to have only one bed. Bring on the good times! It also features a tray of delicious desserts and champagne. Fattening them up before the slaughter, eh? I like it. Keenyah flops down on the bed and her skirt flips up to reveal her pixilated butt, yet again. It wouldn't hurt these girls to wear underwear once in a while. Unless it's the bright white Fruit of the Loom brief that Tiffany prefers.

Meanwhile, back at the house, the other girls open Tyra Mail. "The competition is getting tougher. Are you running out of gas? Be ready at 6:30 in the morning." Lluvy says, "Who has gas?" Hee! I bet it's Michelle. Tiffany yells, "I hope we ain't gotta push no damn car somewhere!" And...yeah.

At the posh hotel, Keenyah and Brittany open their Tyra Mail to discover that they can show up "fashionably late" to their shoot. They are excited. Brittany and underage Keenyah lift their champagne glasses in a toast. Brittany slurs, "To my very best friend in the house Keenyah! I give her a toast for picking me! Her best friend!" Clink!

Lluvy interviews that she feels close to the others in the house, but that she's also lonely at times. She cries on the phone to her boyfriend that she knows she doesn't have girl-next-door beauty, and that she just thinks she's weird-looking and different. He tells her that she shouldn't change the way she is. She says that she just wants her puppy, and I don't know if that's a euphemism for something dirty or not. She interviews that she's completely lost and doesn't understand what God has planned for her. Failure to win a reality show, perhaps? Ah, the mysteries of His ways. At the kitchen table, Christina says that they all know that the judges will give harsh critiques, but that you have to brush off the negative comments and know who you are. And that is a certainly a rare portrait of psychological well-being. Rare for this show, I mean. Lluvy interviews that getting positive feedback at the party was helpful. She says again that she needs to work 110% on her pictures, because they are what can get her sent home. Commercials.

And yet again the Cover Girl of the Week is Naima, which is probably akin to a death sentence. Still, go Naima!

The next morning, the girls rise. Lluvy asks Kahlen if she's ever woken up and felt like her insides hurt, and sleepy Kahlen simply replies, "No." Kahlen interviews that it was great to see Keenyah and Brittany win the competition, because they hadn't won anything previously. And boo for good sportsmanship. We want to hear the catty bitchery!

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