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Back at the Hilton, Tyra joins the girls. She's wearing a gold sequined tank top and a shiny silver blazer that look as if they've come from Jay Manuel's wardrobe. Bad news. Her hair is poufed up and doesn't look as good as when it was super-straight during the interviews. She says that she's going to have a one-on-one talk with each girl. Oh, God, they're really starting early this year, aren't they? Sarah is nervous because she's from a small town and doesn't "get to meet big stars ever." Tyra tells the girls that pretty got them there, but that it's their personality and inner beauty that will take them to the next level. She says that they should each think of one final thing to convince her that they deserve to be finalists. Tyra gives a whoop and the interviews begin.

Regina tells Tyra how ready she is and that she feels most alive when she's on a runway. Tyra asks what happens if this is the end of the road, and Regina says she knows it'll happen for her. Wrong! Nicole is bawling, apparently because her lips are oh so dry and cracked. She wants to prove to everyone that she's good enough. Coryn says that this is her chance to improve her life, since she didn't get the chance from her mom. Tyra asks Cassandra who has quirky looks, and she says that Regina posed in profile and looked like she was vomiting. Kyle tells Tyra that she doesn't get as much enjoyment working at Dairy Queen as she would out of modeling. Jayla wants her own billboard. Lisa asks if she can ask Tyra something, and then stupidly says, "What's it like working with Will Smith?" Tyra is appalled. Sarah says that she has a dream of driving off from her town one day and never looking back, but will probably never do that. Nik says that she would die to show Tyra that she wants to become a top model. Ashley, looking as if her pretty genes are in the wash, wrote down a list of questions for Tyra. A random girl says that she has lots of deep things inside her. Kim says that her parents have prepared her academically for various fields, but that she wants to be a model. They must be so proud. FFA girl says that her experience selling farm animals will help her to sell Cover Girl. Okayyyyy. Diane says that she is bootylicious and curvaceous. Bre says that she is an artist, and that she walks down a runway to make art. If you call getting all coked up and showing hundreds of strangers your cooch art. Heavy Makeup Girl says that she's smart and mature and has a good head on her shoulder. Tyra gives her a lesson in plural nouns. Ebony says that she has a fire for modeling -- not just a living- or dining-room fire, but a forest fire. Ebony, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Smokey. She says it's bananas -- b-a-n-a-n-a-s! -- to be sitting in front of the woman who inspired her. As if Tyra is going to let this sucking up go unrewarded. Ebony wants it so bad. She then interviews that she is going to fight "truth and nail" to become ANTM. HA! Thank you, editors. Commercials.

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