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The Girl With The Worst Photo In History

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Brandy, You're a Fine Girl

There are twelve girls, but only eleven photos in Tyra's hands. Continuing on the journey to become America's Next Top Model are: Brittany, Keenyah, Michelle, Kahlen, Christina, Rebecca, Tatiana, Naima, Tiffany, and Noelle. Will Lluvy and Brandy please step forward? Brandy, you have a stank attitude. Lluvy, yours is the worst picture ever in existence. But Brandy actually threatened to kick someone's ass, so Lluvy is still in the running. So long, Brandy! Tiffany starts crying. Brandy turns around and walks out without any goodbyes. She says that she doesn't regret anything, and that if they would have taken time to look past what they thought was attitude, they might have seen the real Brandy. She writes Tiffany a note, and says that she will miss Tiffany, who became the big sister she always wanted. As the lights go down in the city, Hamburglar steals Tatiana's wallet. That boy sticks by his peeps, yo.

Next week: if you thought that flesh-eating bacteria would never become a plot line in a reality show, well, you'd be wrong.

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