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Mollie Who?

Nnenna is next, and she totally works it out. She says, "Ladies. Whatever your ages, for all occasions, Cover Girl makeup is the way to go." Jay gives her praise. She rushes backstage to tell everyone how great she did, and they, having not done well, don't want to hear it and probably thinks she's kind of obnoxious for doing so. Nnenna interviews that she doesn't ask the other girls what they think of her, because she doesn't care to know.

Brooke is next, and is having a mini-panic attack. Her heart is racing and she starts to cry, because she's feeling the pressure. She starts off her commercial by saying, "Oh gosh." And then, "I just love wearing Cover Girl. It's just so nice to wear!" As nice as a nice, warm bedroom. She totally forgets the lines at the end. Brooke thinks she's going home. When she goes backstage, someone tries to make her talk about her performance, and she says a few times that she doesn't want to talk about it. Jade interviews that Brooke is "sentimental." Jade has taken the English language hostage, which means she'll be right at home on the forums. Don't make me give you a note about using standard punctuation, bitch!

And now, Jade's turn. She says that she has personality, style and class and, of course, is real. Her first take is a freaking riot. Tango music plays in the background as Jade prances around dramatically without saying a word. Jay says that Jade didn't quite get the point that she was supposed to improvise words and not just flamboyant hand gestures. She has no clue. On the second take, she tells some extras that they look fabulous, and then acts surprised to find a party when she gets to the top of the stairs. She does a turn and holds her skirt out. Jay whispers that she's a drag queen. She totally is, too. She forgets her lines at the end, and then drops an f-bomb, which is a seriously bad move. She says that she'd have aced the commercial if she had only one more take and some more direction. That bitch is so crazy, I don't even know what to say anymore.

Back at home, there is Tyra Mail. Someone will be eliminated. I both want it to be Jade and don't want it to be Jade. She's such a freak that it would be a pity to lose her, but she also needs to come up with some new material. Mollie Sue says that with the group that they're down to now, any one of them can win. Well, I don't know about that. Sara says that everyone is concerned about their commercials. In the hot tub, Brooke says that she expects to be sent home because she's not "strong enough." She uses finger quotes on "strong enough." Mollie Sue says that she thinks Jade should be the most nervous on account of the f-bomb she dropped during the commercial. Jade interviews that she has what it takes to be America's Next Top Model. She gets in the hot tub and everyone else leaves because Jade has cooties. Commercials.

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