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Mollie Who?

I will never admit to wanting to see Take the Lead. Never!

We are at Panel. As the girls enter, Tyra mock-faints again. Everyone is like, "Ha. Ha." Tyra apologizes to Furonda for putting her through the fainting scare earlier in the episode, but secretly she's still beaming about the fact that someone thinks she can act. There are prizes, there are judges. Miss J. has Mamie Eisenhower bangs and looks insane. Michael Rosenthal is the guest judge.

Mollie Sue is first for evaluation. Nigel says that it wasn't a model's performance, and that there was no passion in her eyes. Tyra says that she was a little scary, almost like she was selling mace. "Easy, breezy....Aaaaaaaaugh! My eyes!"

Danielle is next, and at the beginning of her commercial, she takes a sip of a drink and puts it back on the tray. Tyra says that Danielle needs to lose the accent, and Danielle says that she'll work on it.

Twiggy tells Furonda that her performance at the end was a bit over-the-top. Tyra agrees, and tells Furonda to relax her eyebrows, but says that, other than that, she did a really good job. She announces that Furonda won the challenge for the week.

Brooke's commercial is pretty bad, as expected. When she forgets the lines at the end, we get a reaction shot of the others, and Nnenna and Joanie are cracking up. Hey, that's not nice! Tyra says that Brooke was babbling, and Nigel notes that she got stage fright. She explains that she was so worried about her improv skills that she froze at the end. Twiggy sympathizes and says that when she first started out, she was really, really shy. Tyra, having no respect either for her elders or her youngers, says that it's not about being shy, it's about stage fright. In Tyra's case, it's about love of Crisco.

Nnenna is next, and Nigel says that she was taking no prisoners. Tyra says that it reminds her of a real commercial, but Nigel says that she could have been more graceful.

Joanie's commercial is hilarious. She ends it with "Cover Girl gives me go out...and make it through the day." Miss J. and Twiggy crack up. Nigel tells Joanie that she needs to realize where she is and have some element of sophistication.

Next, Leslie, who has the fast talking problem but gets raves from the judges for being so freaking hot. They tell her that she needs to bring that hotness to Panel, because they don't see it in person.

Sara is next, and gets flak for the drink, though Tyra says that she did look like a Cover Girl, and had a strong start.

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