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Back at Ravaged Ranch, there is Tyra Mail: "Don't be afraid to wild out!" The next day the girls go to the set of Wild 'N Out. I am really pretty white-ish and decidedly old, so I have no idea what this is. A caption introduces us to Nick Cannon, executive producer and creator of MTV's Wild 'N Out. He is also, I gather, a rapper or singer of some sort. He has two buddies/castmates who are there as well. Sara tells us that Wild 'N Out is an improv show in which you have to be funny on the spur of the moment. The girls will have to play a few of the games from the show, and whoever is the funniest will land a role on Veronica Mars. The girls are excited. Mollie Sue says that this challenge is more her style, and that she thinks she can win. Well, I think she can't, and as it happens, I'm right.

The first game is called "Got Props." It is, as you might guess, a game in which the girls have to do something funny with a prop. Danielle pretends to be a model vomiting a slinky. Furonda uses a pool noodle as a thigh master and says she's Suzanne Somers. Mollie Sue uses a giant bike tire as a hoop earring, and both Nick and Danielle say that she's funny. Leslie pretends that she's Cindy Crawford and that a big black lampshade is her mole. Nick cheers.

The next game is called "Questions." Basically, two girls are paired up and are given roles such as "TV and Remote" and they have to go keep responding to one another in question form. You know, because the game is called, "Questions." For example, "Why do models have such a hard time playing improv games?" "Could it be that they're just really dumb?" "Hey, is that pie you're eating?" "I know you are, but what am I?" Brooke and Joanie act out the aforementioned TV and remote scenario and do fine. Then it's Jade and Furonda. Jade starts off saying, "I'm sorry you don't have the right qualifications." A helpful buzzer and big red X, along with the caption, "Not a question," indicate what we knew all along: that Jade is even stupider than we previously believed. Nick explains that the game is called, "Questions," and Jade says that she's confused. Joanie, who I love, interviews that Jade just sucks at everything they do. Heh. Nick gives her the helpful hint that if she starts what she's saying with "who," "what," "where," "why," or "when," she'll be good to go. Jade pretends to understand. I think that they should say that they're now going to play a game called "Interrogatives," just to see what happens. Nick patronizingly says that he'll give Jade one that she can figure out and says, "A rich man and a poor man." Jade then shows her crack sense of humor by saying, "My dick is bigger than yours," which is clearly not a question, even though it may be true. Joanie says to her, "You totally just lost," and laughs. Jade interviews that even though the whole thing was supposed to be funny and everyone was laughing, it just wasn't humor to her. She says that she was like, "What? What? What?" which the captions tell us are all, apparently, questions. ANTM is the new Sesame Street. ("I thought I told you to get away from my rubber duckie, you skank bitch!")

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