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Kim Gets A Toaster

Tyra tells the girls that they will be evaluated both on their performance in the Life & Style runway event and superhero photo shoot. Lisa is first. Nigel says that she had a strong, confident runway walk that was perfect for the event, and Twiggy adds that she looked like she was having fun. Lisa says she loves runway. Miss J. says he has a few things that he will clean up with her if they have the opportunity to work together later. Her superhero photo gets raves all around.

Nicole gets praise from Twiggy for being able to walk in really high heels in the fashion show, though Tyra says she looks uncomfortable in her photo. Nigel adds that she looks wide, and Miss J. tells her to take all the information they're giving her and juice it like a Florida orange. Miss J., please don't make me dislike you too. I have so few friends left on this show.

Kyle is next. Miss J. says that he likes her regular walk better than her strut on the runway, but Twiggy says that Kyle has a very sexy walk. Miss J. says that of course the walk was sexy, because she was showing the audience her knickers. Twiggy counters that at least Kyle was wearing knickers, and they all laugh as if they are actually funny. The judges love Kyle's body in the pose, but Tyra says that her face is scary. Nigel says that Bre's horse trot runway walk works for him, but Twiggy says it looks very peculiar to her. The judges like her superhero pose, but Twiggy notes that the photo would have been more powerful if she had made eye contact with the camera. It's a good criticism, and for a second I think that Twiggy might make kind of a good judge. But please don't let it get back to Janice.

The judges view Kim's runway walk, which is totally ridiculous. Tyra says that she's trying to be something that she's not -- i.e. girly -- and that Kim should stick with the masculine essence that got her there in the first place. Which might be hard to do when she's wearing a flirty strapless dress. Her photo is pretty much a disaster, though Twiggy likes the body and says she had a flash of herself forty years ago. We then get a flash of Twiggy forty years ago, and I must say that she looks so much better now.

Ebony did a fair job on the runway, but Miss J. says that her photo looks like E.T. Ebony says that those are her initials.

Diane's walk was terrible. Her face in the photo was good, but the body could use some work. Miss J. tells her to know her body, learn her body, love her body.

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