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Chantal is next, and she's happy, because this is her chance to reach her dream. She says that people think she's the perfect little southern Barbie doll, but she has a lot of knowledge about fashion and designers. So she's more Skipper, then? Chantal tells the judges that she was built inside and out to be in this industry. Jay asks which designer she was built for, and Chantal answers that she loves Versace and Rachel Roy. The judges are impressed. Chantal says that people always say she's high fashion, and that this feels like destiny to her. When she leaves, Jay says that everything she did was very modelesque. Including her use of the word "heighth." She does have a great body. I'll be interested to see her with a good hair makeover -- something about her puffy blondeness is weird.

Next we have Sylvia, 23, a waitress from New Hyde Park, New York. She says she always gets asked how tall she is, and if she's a model. Sylvia is pretty, but seems either nervous or awkward. Tyra engages her in some "interpretive walking," which basically means making a damn fool of her. Sylvia has to walk like a butterfly, a robot, and a centipede. But, you know, high fashion. All the judges can do is laugh at her.

And then, in lopes Hunchback Heather. She says, "Hey pretty lady. And Tyra." The judges do a bit about this, and eventually, Heather says that they're all pretty. She seems like she's drunk. Tyra notes that Heather was diagnosed with something when she was thirteen, and asks what it was. Heather says she was diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger's syndrome, which is described as a mild form of autism. A new affliction! How exciting. It also includes being very awkward in social situations, which explains the "hey pretty lady" thing. Heather says the real problem she had as a child was that she didn't have that many friends. Other kids had a problem understanding her, she says, because she was wired differently. She walks in her swimsuit, and Miss J. tells her to stand up straight. I thought the hunch was going to be a problem, but the Jays seem to think that it'll give her an edge in fashiony awkwardness. Jay Manuel, however, asks if you can be a top model and not do runway. Tyra thinks she's fine clunking down the runway just like she is, because every so often you get someone who can't walk but it works.

Next is Saleisha, who, Tyra notes, went to one of her T-Zone camps. Tyra says that because she knows Saleisha, she's going to be harder on her. Saleisha says that T-Zone is a self-esteem camp designed to bring girls out of their shells. Tyra asks what she got out of the camp, and Saleisha says that when she went to T-Zone at fourteen, her self-esteem was poor, but now she thinks she's the bomb. Jay asks if she wants to do high fashion, and Saleisha says she'd love to do Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated. She might be the biggest Tyra mini-me we've had yet!

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