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The girls return. Saleisha is called first, followed by Bianca and Chantal. This, of course, leaves Jenah and Heather in the bottom two. The two of them have some of the best pictures of the bunch, but are also not the strongest communicators. If Heather can't make it on a go-see, Tyra voices over, it's nearly impossible for her to book a job. As beautiful as she is standing there, that's not enough. And then there's Jenah, with her amazing photos and an attitude that turns off the judges. So who goes to Beijing? It's Jenah. I have to say I was not expecting that. I kind of thought that Heather should go, but I figured they'd keep her around until the final three just to fuck with her. Tyra tells Heather to be proud of herself, and adds that maybe there are some clients out there watching the show who saw a little more in Heather than the go-see clients. Yeah, I'm soooo sure there are designers watching this show. And no, Kimora Lee doesn't count. And no, she's actually not watching this anyway.

Heather tells us that she really wanted to win and wanted to prove that she could do this. When she first came in the house, she thought her Asperger's would be more of a problem than it really was. She thought she wouldn't be able to get along with any of the girls, and that she would be too different. But since she's been there she's learned so much -- to be more confident, to not always be so self-conscious, and that not everyone's going to judge you just because you were born a certain way. She says that the experience was much more than a prize. And...woah! That was like the most articulate thing ever. I guess she's only selectively a poor communicator. It's also awesome to see her having this attitude, and feeling good about herself, and knowing that even though she didn't win, she's been successful. I think that the mercy kill was warranted, but I still will maybe vote for her six times as next week's Cover Girl of the week.

Next week: The Great Wall, plus shady behavior.

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