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We get a tally of go-sees so far. Jenah, Bianca and Saleisha each have two, while Chantal has three. And what of Heather, you ask? Yep, still wandering. She knows that Tyra is going to be pissed. A gong dramatically underscores Heather's "Go-sees: 0" tally as we head to commercials.

When we return, the girls have three and a half hours to go. Saleisha sees designer Helen Lee and gushes about the gown she's wearing. Helen says she'd book Saleisha for her next show. Heather, meanwhile, is still wandering around. But then, hallelujah! She manages to find the building. She sees designer Flora Zeta. Flora tells Heather that it's very important that she have good eye contact. Oh, come on now, that is so set up. She might as well have said, "I like it best when models don't get all autistic-y on me." Heather interviews that she feels embarrassed even talking to the designer. Heather walks and, well, she looks like she's emerging from the bell tower again. Flora loves Heather's look, but says she has to work on her catwalk. As it turns out, Flora doesn't really like anyone's walk, and tells Jenah that she was terrible. And why? Because she just attacked it like a model. Better than attacking it like a rabid bear, I always like to say. Flora needs her buyers to connect with the model and the garment and how she feels about it. If Chantal is utilizing her sense of vision, she's feeling like the garment is the latest in the Frederick's Of Hollywood Bea Arthur Pre-Facelift line. Jenah gives a big "whatever" to Flora Zeta's feedback. Not to Flora's face, of course. Flora says, "Jenah seems to have...a different kind of personality. She just needs to work on that." I can't tell if Flora Zeta is crazy/awesome or just crazy.

Two and a half hours remaining! Saleisha walks down the stairs from her Helen Lee go-see, and heads to designer Fiona Vong, who is in the same building but on a different floor. Bianca is already there. Bianca tells us that she knows she can hit a go-see, and as she walks she gives Saleisha her patented, "Bam, bitch!" look. Usually this look precedes Bianca sending someone on a trip to Fist City, so Saleisha should count herself lucky. When Bianca's through, she asks Saleisha if Helen Lee is far. Yes, the Helen Lee who Saleisha just came from seeing, who is located right upstairs. Saleisha lies that she doesn't know. Beeyotch! Saleisha interviews that she felt bad, but it's a competition, and they can't be sisters all the time. She is totally just enacting revenge for the "borderline plus size" comment.

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