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Saleisha is up next, and she actually looks kind of great. Jay says that every week Saleisha gives him timid, but she's turned around and turned a new leaf. Bianca follows, and she's wearing, like, a weird Wrangler denim shirt over her outfit. It is not pretty. Her makeup is uber-clown, too. Jay tells her that she's looking a little mean. She pushes out her lips again, and at the end Nigel tells her that she relaxed them on the last frame, which she should remember to do always. Why didn't he just tell her to relax her lips at the beginning of the shoot? Chantal is next, and also gets an ugly outfit. At one point she puts both of her arms out to the side, and Jay and Nigel yell that she's looking a little showgirl. I guess the editors couldn't find any Chinese showgirl music, so decided to accompany this scene with something that sounds like it's straight out of Hairspray. The dragon seems to be into it, though. Jay tells us that Chantal is forcing her poses.

The other girls watch Heather wandering around. Oh, God, don't tell me she's lost in the courtyard and asking one of the bugs to point her back in the direction of the shoot. Apparently, she was trying to think about how to stand out, then just decided to wing it and not overthink it. Nigel tells her to work it out, and Jay tells her that the pose she had while listening to Nigel looked like a model. Her regular poses, however, don't seem to be knocking Nigel's knickers off. From the sidelines, Jenah tells the other girls that if she had Heather's dress she'd be working it. Bianca asks what she would do with it, and Jenah shows her first pose. It's a move straight out of Posture Pete. Bend to the side and touch your toes! Nigel has to yell that there's a little too much noise from the peanut gallery. That's such a middle-school-teacher move. Next Nigel will confiscate the note that Bianca passed to Chantal and read it in front of the whole crew. Jay rags on Heather for looking like a football player, and says she stuck her hip out like she was about to go to the bathroom. Er, would that it were that easy, the toilet seat cover never would have been invented, my friend. Jay thinks that Heather second-guessed herself, because he could see the greatness as Nigel was shooting, but she'd pull away from it. Heather interviews that it wasn't her best shoot, but she wants to stay and isn't ready to stop learning.

When the girls return home, there is Tyra Mail. Someone is going to be eliminated. Bianca's not nervous -- she just wants to get panel over with. Jenah, however, is worried and says she'll be sweating bullets at panel. Ever the anti-Martha Stewart, Jenah says, "This is just not a good thing," as we head to commercials.

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