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Saleisha is next. The designers said that Saleisha was beautiful and had a great personality. Yes, the designer Shmyra Panks was particularly forthcoming with her praise. Nigel tells Saleisha that she was his favorite girl to shoot, and that he had a lot of fun with her. She gives herself a round of applause. Nigel says she was charming, came to set with a great attitude, and really pushed the envelope. Her photo is really good. Tyra loves it, and says she finally sees an edgy girl, and not just because she has an edgy haircut. In the UK, Wikipedia tells me, this edgy haircut is called the "pudding basin." Sometimes I think Tyra forgets we have eyes. Like, you know, during casting.

And then there's Heather, of forty-minutes-late-from-the-go-sees fame. Tyra notes that on top of the lateness, Heather only made it to one go-see. That was obviously voiced over, though, so I don't know that it is actually the truth. Susan says that Heather's runway is also a little bit awkward. Miss J. asks her to demonstrate, and gives her a few tips. A little too late, Marlon Jackson. Heather's photo is great, and gets praise from Twiggy and Susan. Nigel says that she got lucky, and is actually a little stiff. She should work on loosening herself up. None of this prevents Heather from being named Cover Girl Of The Week for the 1100th time, though.

The judges deliberate. Susan likes Bianca's picture, but Nigel doesn't think it's very strong. Everyone will like Heather's look, says Nigel, but her problem is that she can't communicate very well. Twiggy asks Nigel how she is in front of the camera, and Nigel says that she moves, but there's a disconnect of some sort. It's almost as if the camera sees this beautiful thing and zones in on it. I think Bianca must be slipping him talking points. Nigel loves Saleisha, and Miss J. thinks she's on the edge of high fashion. Miss J. thinks that something is missing with Chantal, and Susan says that she needs more confidence, as she has no clue if she's doing the right or the wrong thing. Tyra says that Chantal passed her crazy modeling test. This has no bearing on anything, and is just Tyra wanting to imitate Chantal posing. Nigel thinks that Jenah was lucky to get a good shot, because her modeling wasn't actually that good. Twiggy doesn't know what to do about Jenah. She says Jenah thinks she's being funny, but Twiggy is actually afraid that she's going to go out and offend clients. Nigel says that Jenah's not a bad girl, she's a good girl. Okay, now he is officially creeping me out. Like, it's been notarized. He thinks Jenah's personality is getting in the way. Tyra asks Susan what the Chinese word is for a girl who's a cocky know-it-all. Susan, well-trained, answers, "Je-nah."

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