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Rock-a-Bye Bitches

Okay! Time to send someone home. Tyra calls the following girls: Jenah, Heather, Lisa, Chantal, Sarah, Ambreal, Victoria, Saleisha, Janet and Ebony. This, of course, leaves Bianca and Kimberly. Tyra tells Kimberly that she has some of the most perfect ears for the frame of her face that she's ever seen. WTF? That's the best compliment she can give her? And no one liked Bianca's photo except for Tyra. But Tyra's vote counts for twelve and so Bianca stays. Before Kimberly takes off, Tyra gives her ears a little tug. She needs to get help for that. Kimberly thinks she tried, even though she didn't do her best. She wants everyone to be proud of her, and is embarrassed of her pictures. If you had to go back to walking through horse crap day after day, you'd be pretty sad, too.

Next week: Makeovers! Someone gets shorn but good.

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