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Victoria is next. Her photo is awkward, but in a good way. Twiggy says that Victoria has a special quality, and that she's very unusual. Victoria asks, "What is unusual about me?" Sass! Miss J. and Tyra start to laugh. Twiggy says she can't put her finger on it, and isn't sure Victoria should know. Nigel tells Victoria to try to be bright, positive and sexy. As opposed to the big nerd she touts herself to be. Ambreal's photo is really great. Twiggy says it's the first elegant shot they've seen. And then last is Jenah, whose photo is great in the body, even though she looks like she's sporting a big bucktooth in the front. The judges basically jizz all over it. Commercials.

And the Cover Girl Of The Week is...Heather! Yay!

The judges deliberate. Everyone loves Heather. Janet is dull in person, but photographs beautifully. Twiggy loves Bianca in person, even though she doesn't like the photograph. Who knew Twiggy would be a fan of the stank? Roy doesn't think she has it. Roy also thinks that the competition is too much for Ebony. He thinks her picture is great, but she doesn't have the thick skin you need for the industry. Tyra thinks that in person, Kimberly has an interesting, edgy, high-fashion face, but it goes hoochie in pictures. Tyra thinks maybe this is because she can't get the image of Kimberly's casting photo, in which she is wearing just a short hoochie black vest, out of her head. We see the photo, and I can understand where Tyra's coming from. It looks like Kimberly stole that thing from a tiny monkey.

Miss J. loves Chantal's photo, and Twiggy thinks her face is brilliant as a high-fashion headshot. Nigel thinks that Sarah's awkwardness is off-putting. Roy thinks it's an astounding photo, and the other part will be developed. He says nobody comes out of the womb perfect in the fashion industry. Miss J. begs to differ. Twiggy isn't sure about Lisa in person, but loves the photo, and thinks it's very brave. Twiggy also says Saleisha's photo is brave, and Tyra agrees that it takes a lot of courage. I have never seen such courage displayed by an individual. Hanging upside down in a harness while someone takes your picture! Just hope that someday you might have a tenth of that bravery. Roy thinks that Jenah is a great talent and he expects a lot from her. Nigel agrees that it's stunning. Ambreal doesn't have the usual look or appear to be a model, says Roy, but if you put her out there and in enough shows, people will think she's fabulous. Twiggy isn't so sure. Miss J. loves that Victoria comes for Twiggy every week. It's true! Ha. Twiggy says Victoria is out to get her. Miss J. thinks Victoria's picture is great even though it's awkward, and she's one of the girls that Tyra snuck in to make him crazy, because he didn't see it. I didn't either. I'll give a begrudging point for Tyra there.

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