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Go-sees? Ah, Phuket.

Back from commercial, the judges deliberate. Twiggy says that she loves Joanie, and that the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the picture. Or the Twiggy figgy pudding. We won't go until we get some! Nigel says that Joanie's biggest problem is that she only has one look. And also, perhaps, that her jaw is not symmetrical. I mean, have you really looked at it? Tyra was impressed with Joanie's European appearance at Panel. Disaya likes Danielle's face, but not her pose. Tyra says that the pose is a bit too provocative, and then voices over (in the manner of a voice over recorded well after the episode was filmed) that she's still concerned about Danielle's speech. She can't do a Cover Girl commercial speaking the way she does. Sara has a great body according to Disaya. Miss J. says that he loves tall girls, but in the end, Sara may not be the girl that they need. Nigel says that Sara has a great body for swimwear, and that she is learning, moving, and changing. Jade looked upset and tired at the go-see, according to Disaya, and Twiggy still hates her attitude. Nigel says the thing is that Jade knows how to model, and that's invaluable. The judges do this cheesy staged thing where they all point to a photo and say, "That girl should go home." Twiggy actually says, "Her...should go home," and the judges laugh. Miss J. says that Twiggy has been around too many black folks. Perhaps he could have handed her a bucket of chicken right then in lieu of a rimshot.

The girls return, and Tyra gives photos to Joanie and Jade. This leaves Danielle and Sara in the final two, with only one photo in Tyra's hands. Sara is the most improved girl there, which mostly means that she sucked at the beginning. However, the judges aren't sure whether she's improved enough. The judges still struggle with Danielle's speech. That's it? Really? They didn't even save that for the Cover Girl Commercial episode? Hm. Danielle gets a photo, with instructions to speak better. Sara hugs her fellow contestants and Tyra and goes on her way back to the land of dignity. Sara talks again about being found in the mall and people questioning her desire to be there. She says that modeling is creative and artistic and allowed her to show a different side of herself. She was just trying to find a cute shirt at the mall, and has ended up as the fourth baddest bitch in America. Well done, Bird. Well done.

Coming up: Top three! Two will make it past a Cover Girl Commercial and face off on the most exotic runway ever. Who will it be? Don't look in the spoiler thread if you really want to know, because you sure as hell won't find the answer there.

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