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Go-sees? Ah, Phuket.

Next it's Danielle's turn, and Nigel tells her to think happy thoughts. If she wants to follow this advice, I would suggest that she not look down at her love handles. Danielle interviews that it's hard for her to get past the fact that people died on the spot where she's standing. Nigel tells her to think of all the good things in the environment like the warm water and the beauty , rather than the things that will get her down, because it will show in her eyes. Nigel says that Danielle is too conscious of her surroundings, and that's where it falls apart. He tells Danielle that they want natural beauty, and that there are different ways of modeling for different clients. Basically, he doesn't want her to sex it up too much. Danielle gets creamed by the waves. She interviews that she was frustrated about her shoot, and tends to be her own worst critic. Again, read the forums, people.

The girls leave Phuket and arrive back in Bangkok. There is Tyra Mail. Someone is going home. Jade says that the eliminations suck, but that's reality. No, that's dramality. Danielle is nervous about her photo because she couldn't focus in Phuket. She adds that the judges also hate it every time she opens her mouth. Danielle then confessionalizes that if the other girls think she's a definite pick to go home because she has a southern accent, she loves for them to doubt her because she gets to prove herself, because when she shows up and shows out, it's a wrap. Dude, I think she's been hanging around Jade too much. Commercials.

We enter Panel with a swimsuit shot of Tyra that has been Photoshopped to the point where it's practically a matchstick wearing a tiny weave. Judges, prizes, yadda yadda. Disaya Prakobsantisukh of the scary tea party animal heads is the guest judge. Tyra says that the girls went on go-sees, and notes that the Polaroids that are taken at go-sees are very important. Nigel says that, with retouching at the forefront of photography, Polaroids have become the big thing, so that clients can see what they're really getting. Tyra says that she has two booties -- her real booty and her booty in pictures. And her real booty equals two of her picture booties, so maybe she actually has three booties. In any case, the Polaroid pictures from the go-sees will comprise the judging test for the week.

Danielle is first. She looks kind of nervous. According to Nigel, her close-up go-see photo is okay, but not great. The Polaroid in the designer clothes is also underwhelming according to Twiggy. Nigel asks Danielle whether she was comfortable in the designer gown. Danielle says that she was, but she let the whole tuk-tuk experience affect her. Miss J. says that Danielle should have been full-on modeling while she was there. Danielle says that she remembers thinking that she was tripping. Danielle's swimwear photo is noticeably absent of love handles. Nigel says that she's more comfortable with over-sexy shots than with her natural beauty. He says that it's easy to think of the Sports Illustrated look when you're modeling swimwear, but in this case the client -- ElleGirl -- wanted something softer. Tyra says that she has a rule: men's magazine, legs open and straight to camera; women's magazine, turn it a little bit; men's magazine, arch the back; women's magazine, hunch the back. In other words, men want you to look like a nubile nymph, while women want you to look like you have osteoporosis. We get some of Tyra's photos to illustrate. Nigel says that Danielle is modeling to women, not men.

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