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Go-sees? Ah, Phuket.

Sara is next. Her Polaroid makes her look shy and modest in her street clothes, and amateur in the designer clothes. Sara's swimwear photo is fantastic, according to Twiggy. Disaya also says that she looks great in the swimsuit. Nigel notes that Sara found it very difficult to relax. Tyra asks Sara whether she knows how to smile with her eyes without moving her lips. Sara tries, and Tyra studies her for a moment before saying, "...uh-uh." And then, the great and powerful eye communicator that is Tyra Banks shows us how it's done. It's kind of like this: not smiling: oo. Smiling: oo. You guys, modeling is stupid. Nigel says that even in such a comfortable and beautiful environment, Sara just didn't let go.

Jade is next. She has positive, strong body language in her Polaroid, but she could use a smile and a bit of warmth. Twiggy agrees, and notes that Jade comes across as a bit intimidating. In the designer's clothes, Jade has a bit of a softer look to her. Tyra notes that none of the girls won the go-see challenge, which is a Top Model first. Tyra notes that Jade was the latest of all. Jade says that if it was up to her, she would have ridden in a cab. The judges are so through with her already. Miss J. asks Jade whether she thinks she would have gotten there on time had she been in a cab. Jade says not necessarily, but it would have been more comfortable. Tyra is all, "Bitch, please." Jade's photo is gorgeous. Miss J. says that it's horrible, but then admits that he's just kidding. Honestly, the shot is pretty great. Tyra critiques Jade for her stiffness, but Nigel tells the rest of the judges that the boat was rearing and rocking like a stallion horse, and that it was amazing that Jade kept her serenity throughout the shoot. Nigel, I hate to tell you, but that's not serenity. Nigel says that he saw a whole new Jade when he worked with her. Awww, Jade has a fan!

Tyra commends Joanie for her modelesque appearance. Joanie's Polaroid in street clothes shows her great face and bone structure, according to Nigel, but her posture in the designer clothes is weird. Twiggy loves Joanie's swimsuit photo, but I have to say I actually don't think it's that great. Disaya says that when she met Joanie she didn't think that she'd have a variety of looks, but this photo is beautiful and different. Miss J. loves it, and says that Joanie looks younger. Notice that no one said this to Jade.

We get a quick commercial, and we learn that Danielle is the Cover Girl of the Week. Huzzah!

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