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And then there's Saleisha. Twiggy says that she's an actress, and looked absolutely beautiful in her commercial. Nigel likes the way Saleisha is moving her shoulders around and touching her neck at Panel, and points it out to all the other girls. Saleisha's photo is just okay: she has a squinty puffy face and looks like she has bags under her eyes. Tyra says that she also has a problem with her prominent lower lid and then, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! It's a photo of Tyra without makeup. A little warning would be nice next time, guys. She says something about brown makeup making the bags recede. Yes, two pounds of brown makeup. Lord.

Oh, and finally we have Heather. You know how her commercial went. Tyra says that Mr. Jay said Heather couldn't mimic the performance level he wanted even when he was feeding her lines. Tyra says that she's going to be hard on Heather because she has to if the competition is going to be fair. She says that they're not going to expect her to remember it all -- they know that she has Asperger's and ADHD and "other things." What are the other things? Undeaditis, perhaps? Tyra says that they know all this, and so Heather gets fed her lines, which is a type of favoritism some of the other girls probably object to. Why, I've never heard that from anyone! In any case, Tyra says that if Heather was being fed lines, every one of her line readings should have been fantastic. Nigel tells her to focus and make sure she does the things she can do right. Jeffrey adds a succinct "Don't make funny face," and tells her to assume that the camera is still rolling if she doesn't hear "cut." Heather's photo gets raves, however, and Twiggy says that this is the first time they've really seen her smiling on camera. Nigel says that they might want to see a little more of this side, in fact.

Deliberations! The judges agree that none of the girls did particularly well, but some really sunk/stunk. One of these is Lisa, who also can't handle critique. Jeffrey likes her presence, however, and Miss J. hopes that that she can pull it together because she's one of his favorites. Chantal's commercial was Tyra's and Twiggy's favorite. Twiggy loves Heather's look, but doesn't know if she'd be able to hold it together if she got a real job with a client. Nigel thinks Heather is conquering herself. Tyra notes, though, that she didn't expect Heather to pull off a smiling and sweet photo. Saleisha is friendly and approachable, but Miss J. doesn't see a whole lot of improvement. Nigel, however, says that you can see her potential, and Tyra notes that inner beauty goes a long way. Twiggy loves Jenah's photograph, but Nigel isn't fond of Jenah herself. He says she seems to think that she deserves to be there because she's pretty, but that he doesn't see any inner beauty. I think the teeth are holding it in like a big, enamel-coated cage. Tyra isn't sure if Jenah is particularly invested in the competition. Bianca's delivery on her commercial was hideous, but as always, she has that famous winning smile. Nigel isn't impressed by her at all, though. He's so salty today!

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