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The girls return. Six girls, five photos. You know the Chinese fire drill. Tyra tells the girls that they did poorly overall, but that one of them rose to the top of the pile. And that's Chantal, who is delighted. Saleisha gets her photo next, followed by Bianca and Jenah. This leaves Heather and Lisa in the bottom two. Since Heather is so much fun to have around, and Lisa is a total drag who bums us out week after week, Heather gets a photo. Bye Lisa! The other girls actually look kind of shocked. Tyra tells Lisa to build up her self-esteem and strength, and for a minute looks like she's going to bust into Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful." In her outro, Lisa continues to be kind of a Debbie Downer, saying that being there is a leap over what a lot of people would be able to do, and is something nobody would expect her to be able to do, period. This is why Tyra has to have Lisa on her talk show and offer her a free year of therapy or something. Lisa says that she's not going to walk away a loser. This is the biggest thing that's happened to her, but she expects bigger things in the future. I hope none of them involves her dancing in a bikini.

Next week: Go-sees! And Jenah starts to get a little nervous.

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