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When we return, Chantal fills us in on Bianca's fear of heights before telling us that the whole thing really wasn't that high at all. I would comment on her lack of sympathy if I felt that Bianca actually deserved any sympathy. Bianca decides to do it and prays before the four guys hoist her and Heather up. Heather strikes her martial arts pose, but Bianca just kind of looks distressed and asks them to let her down. Once down, she wants the wires taken off. She tells us that she's not going to risk her life, and that someone can't force you to get over her fear. Is it me or does she not really look all that scared? I mean, with Ambreal, you could tell that she was shaking just to go on the roof of a building. Bianca's just sort of like, "Oooh, it's so high. Wah." In any case, Bianca's disqualified. Saleisha interviews that she was scared but still did it, and thinks Bianca should have just tried, because you never know when a designer is going to want his gowns shot in the air. I guess that's true. All of this just lead me to reflect on how this show has cyclically affected my perceptions of modeling. At first, I was like, "Modeling is so stupid," and then I kind of became convinced that modeling was hard for a little while, and now I'm back to thinking it's stupid again. Thanks, Tyra, for making me question then reaffirm my beliefs!

But I digress. Heather goes up by herself on the wire and does a great job. She's so excited about it, and Saleisha tells us that she looked really graceful doing the martial arts poses in the air. Heather does so well, in fact, that she wins the challenge. Yay! Her prize is 4,000 rmb, which equals $532.18. She gets to use the money to go on a shopping spree in Shanghai city, and can share her prize with one other girl. She chooses Chantal. Oh, good. Heather interviews that she probably would have chosen Bianca, since Bianca wanted to go shopping so much, but this is a little tough love. And, sadly, I think she means tough love because Bianca didn't partake in the challenge, and not tough love because Bianca is CONSISTENTLY TOTALLY MEAN TO HER and actually told her "You the joke" and should never even be CONSIDERED when Heather has a prize to share. Oh, Heather. In any case, Chantal and Heather shop and have fun and feel like giants in a land of little people.

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