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Another Brick In The Wall

Bianca says that she's taking a lot away with her -- she came into the competition with a cocky attitude, but has really been humbled a lot. She made friendships with people she probably never would have talked to, and learned a lot about herself as well as modeling. She might cry a few more days, she says, but she'll pull it together. And then she breaks down a little more, which is pretty sad. We review her portfolio, which is, in fact, pretty bad. She says that she's not going to give up, because that's not the type of person she is. She's kind of happy that it wasn't just handed to her, because now she can work for it, which means that she'll appreciate it more when she gets it. And then she has to turn around and cry even more at what a line of bull that was. Stank ya later, Biancker! And if I may, I want to thank you all for reading this recap. Or maybe you should be thanking me, since it's been the best experience of your life. You're welcome.

Coming up: Finale! And it's the most amazing runway ever ...with stilts!

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