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But the girls are not done yet! Everyone had her individual shot, and now the girls have to pose together. This is a test to see who can stand out in a group shot. Chantal says she's wanted to work with the other girls for a while now, and is also excited that she gets to work with Tyra for a little longer. Oh, don't they see enough of her? Saleisha told herself to do what she had to do to stand out. Karma apparently takes the form of a giant hairpiece, as Bianca interviews, "It was pissing me off because Saleisha put her bun in front of my face, and I could like really kill her." Well said.

Back at home, Bianca says she's nervous and anxious about elimination. Chantal isn't, because she did her best, and what else can you do? She's confident that she's going to make it to the top three, and that's one step closer to number one. Bianca interviews that Chantal is bland -- her pictures are okay, but she's just kind of a giggly nothingness. She continues that Saleisha has had a lot of experience, so for her to come in and not be amazing sucks on her part. The stank just won't stop! I love it when she gets on a roll. Meanwhile, in another variation on a theme, Jenah says that it's not the girls, the competition, or the critique that's getting to her. Rather, she's losing herself, and feels like she really has been trying to get to know herself throughout the competition. She doesn't know who's going home, she says, but it's not going to be her. Or maybe it will be the self that she doesn't really know, which would be a big shocker to everyone. Commercials.

When we return, it's panel time. Jenah and Chantal wear their custom fitted Chinese couture gowns, while Bianca is relegated to wearing Saleisha's mini cropped halter vest from the Cover Girl shoot. Sad. There are prizes, there are judges. Miss J.'s fro is officially to Sly Stone proportions, and the guest judge for the week is Ann Shoket. Oh, great, more wisdom from the tween tastemaker.

Jenah is up first for evaluation, and Tyra notes that she was the challenge winner. Jenah's photo is lovely, and Twiggy takes the opportunity to compliment Tyra as a photographer. Nigel says that the interesting thing about Jenah's shot is that she's really acting in her pictures, and is showing a lot more of herself. Wait, aren't those two different things entirely? Or maybe she's showing herself through the acting? Ah, the complexities of fashion modeling. Twiggy thinks Jenah's extended leg is great, and her face is exquisite. Ann agrees, but she says that she thinks Jenah might be getting lost in the costume. And then Tyra says she took pictures of Jenah and felt they were absolutely beautiful, but when Jenah left the set, Tyra didn't remember the shoot. Someone on the panel goes, "Oooh." Well, there always has to be a forgettable one, I guess. Remember how forgettable Nicole and Mollie Sue were? Of course you don't.

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