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Another Brick In The Wall

Jenah starts crying, and Tyra asks her what's going on right now. Uh, you just basically told her that she's a non-entity. Sometimes that makes people feel bad. Jenah says she's become really homesick, and it's really hard not being able to talk to her family right now. Miss J. says that everybody wants to be home right now, and this job will take you away -- that's what it requires. Tyra asks if Jenah wants to be America's Next Top Model. Jenah says she does, so much, but she has two little sisters at home who don't have anyone to look up to except her and her mom, and adds that growing up she didn't have anyone to look up to, either. She has to be the one that they look up to. And ...okay, wait, I have to quote this. "And I wanna be someone for my little sisters, and I want my little sisters to be able to look at me and be like, that's my sister!" What if they were, like, passing a bus stop and saw Jenah there sleeping on the bench and one of them looked at her and said, "That's my sister!" Would that count? And then -- HA! This certainly deserves to be quoted in full as well. Tyra says, "This is making you stronger. This is the best experience of your life, whether you win or not." I love that Tyra has been so emboldened by her success in the televisual medium that she's actually TELLING these girls that being on a reality show widely known as a paean to all things ridiculous is the best experience of their lives. Even the Jays have stopped bothering to try to rein her in.

Bianca is next. Nigel says her picture is very beautiful. Twiggy thinks her profile is beautiful, but she'd like to see more of Bianca's eyes. Miss J., however, thinks that Bianca is as stiff as one of the stones on the wall. Ann Shoket says that Bianca is almost as mad as she should be, and she's almost afraid of her. Oh, Ann Shoket, so insulated by her honky editor-ness as to not know when she's in actual danger. Tyra says that Bianca was extremely awkward. She tries hard, but modeling doesn't "come innate" to her, says Tyra, even though she's a stunning girl. Bianca says that it doesn't come natural, and she's had to work through the whole competition. She thinks she's improved and has learned so much since she's been there. Tyra agrees with this, noting that the judges see it, and that's why she's still there.

Then we have Chantal. She looks like she's actually about to leap over the wall in her photo, which is what Twiggy has been waiting for. Nigel agrees, and says that Chantal looks like a statue who's been frozen in time. But is about to attack a giant wall. You know, that kind of statue. He loves it, and thinks Chantal really got the idea and concept. Ann says that Chantal is so pretty and radiates positivity. Miss J. loves that Chantal is on her tippy tippy tipperies. Language J is not quite as hard to learn as Chinese, but it's close.

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