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Six beautiful ladies, five photos. That means someone's getting the boot! The following people are safe: Kahlen, Christina, Naima (who gets the "you have no personality" speech), and Brittany. Will Keenyah and Michelle please step forward? Michelle has a "rare" face, but falls apart under pressure, which isn't the greatest trait in the modeling industry. Keenyah is a fatty fatty boobalatty, which also doesn't bode well. Tyra says that there might not be time for either of them to fix their flaws, but that the judges have been in the industry for a long time and have seen miracles happen. Keenyah gets a photo, and Michelle gets cut. Michelle cries and hugs the other girls. Janice says, "Rock 'em hard," as Michelle leaves, and Nigel tells her that her time will come. Michelle tells us how much she wanted to win the competition, to be number one, and to be the best. She says that she started out being very shy and timid, but has become more confident throughout the process and as she's had to endure advice and criticism. She says she truly feels beautiful, which is something that she never really felt before. And I really do think that Michelle seems like a nice person, and I kind of feel for her, and all the she-nis stuff has been in good fun. That said, I hope to not run into her in the mental institution where we will doubtlessly both be committed, because I'm quite certain that she can kick my femme ass. In any case, best of luck, Big Mike!

Next week: the girls race to impress South Africa's fashion elite, which brings out Keenyah's competitive side. And then, hoping for a catfight of magnificent proportions, the judges ask the girls to critique one another. "I see her underwear," says the always eloquent Keenyah. It's no missing appendage, but I'll take it.

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