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For some reason, there is no Cover Girl of the Week spot this week. And that reason, friends, is that Naima won again, and the producers know it's going to make them look bad when she doesn't win.

We return to the safari scene and the Music of Dread. Keenyah interviews that she has no idea why Brittany was neither (a) afraid nor (b) quiet when Shelton told them (a) the lions could kill them unless they (b) were really quiet. Shelton starts honking at the lioness to make her go away, but it only serves to make her advance towards the Jeep. I still hold out a small semblance of hope that someone will at least lose a minor appendage. But alas, the Jeep starts to go forward and the lions let it go by unscathed. Once they are out of the lions' reach, the girls twitter nervously about their near-death experience, and note that Brittany is out of her mind. Michelle stays silent in the back, but looks pissed.

That night, the girls drive in the bush to an area that has a fire burning and a few lanterns hung. Naima interviews that they didn't know if it was a photo shoot or what. It soon becomes clear, however, that this is the spot where the non-challenge winners (Naima, Michelle, Kahlen) will camp, while Brittany, Christina and Keenyah get to go to a "luxury accommodation." Shelton tells the loser girls that they will have to pitch their own tent. Michelle interviews, "Thank God I watch Survivor," as if she's completely forgotten about her years of training in Gender Ambiguous Scouts. Naima interviews that she's never gone camping, and started to get nervous when she thought about the lack of hair-styling tools available to tame her natural frizziness. Michelle is at the ready to build a shelter for the girls. Naima interviews that Michelle is always eager to jump into whatever they do with enthusiasm. While she appreciates that quality, Naima thinks that part of it is Michelle's desire to appear strong to other people. And as she walks around the fire and assesses the tent situation, Michelle actually appears neither hulking nor particularly hideous. See, I can be nice.

Meanwhile, the three winning girls freak out about the bugs that are attacking them as they wait for their ride to the luxury accommodation. As they leave they yell, "Bye! Love you Kahlen! Love you Naima!" And then there is a big pause. Keenyah says, "We forgot to say, 'Love you Michelle.'" "Love you Michelle!" they scream, and then someone mumbles, "We shouldn't have said anything."

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