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The girls return. Eight bitches, seven photos. The first name Tyra is going to call is....Lisa's! Then Heather. Then Saleisha, Bianca, a very relieved Ambreal and Jenah. This leaves Chantal and Sarah. Both of them are very good models, but the judges continue to say that neither of them is at the top of the pack. Sarah is coasting. She's good, but her place in the industry is confusing right now, because models are either extremely skinny or fully plus-sized. With Chantal, the judges see a beautiful girl, but think she's coasting in the middle. They think her performance on video was a waste of film. Ouch. Nevertheless, Chantal gets to stay. Oh, and then Sarah really starts to cry. I mean, like, practically heaving crying. It's really sad. I liked Sarah. Tyra tells her that she had a big transformation, and to wit, we see Sarah pulling paper out of her nose at the semi-finals. Ah, memories. Tyra gives Sarah a hug, but in the way that indicates she really doesn't want her to get snot on her wig. Sarah leaves, and it's a tear party all around. As she packs, she tells us that she really wanted this, and is glad they chose her, and that it's a step. She hopes that next time maybe someone who looks like her will win. Awww. And to add insult to injury, Sarah barely gets any time for her outro because we have to watch the sneak peek of Enrique's crappy video. Maybe we were right, maybe he was lonely. Maybe we were also right that he really can't sing very well.

Next week: Heather reaches her breaking point. This apparently comes when she's naked in the shower. With Saleisha. I don't know, you guys. And the girls get stranded in the desert! Whee!

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