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Heather and Jenah are next. Heather looks like she's about to eat the befuddled Enrique alive, whereas Jenah doesn't look nearly evil enough. She has a little smiley smirk, which doesn't work. Nigel says he's not surprised that Heather got a shout-out, because her fierceness works. Jessy says that Heather had such a great face for what they were doing that they were willing to give her a shot. Miss J. says that Jenah looks like she's still rehearsing, and Tyra tells her that she looks more like a vampire now, in front of them at Panel, than she did on camera. God, this show is like the anti T-Zone Camp. Once they break down Chantal's confidence, there will be no stopping them. It's like the holy grail of high fashion ass-whoopins.

And speaking of Chantal, she's next. Tyra thinks her film is almost there, but that it seems like she's pulling back. Jessy agrees. Tyra says it looks like she's modeling, and going, "I'm hot. I'm hot. I'm hot." As opposed to eye penetration and finger pointing.

Last is Bianca. Jessy says that she has a cool confidence and did a good job finding her sexy pose. Nigel, however, says that Bianca forced the camera man to pan away with her continual lip pushes/kissy face. Tyra says it's okay to do things like that, but that you have to make it fluid. Tyra reminds them of the lesson she gave them in fluidity. It's all about the cabbage patch. It's smooooooth. Smoooooooth. Tyra has lost her f'ing mind.

The judges deliberate. The camera loves Lisa. She was one of the weaker girls that Tyra taught in the video ho master class, but she really popped on screen. Ambreal doesn't have any magic for Twiggy, and Jessy thought she got intimidated on set. Jenah was beautiful when she came out of hair and makeup, but Jessy didn't get that beforehand because she's not in control of her sexy. Nigel says that you can't rely on everyone giving you great makeup and direction; sometimes you have to walk in and be the part. Twiggy thinks that perhaps Jenah needs a little shock. Twiggles Twiggles Twiglet! Heather seemed a little off to Jessy, but stepped up and was much better than they anticipated. Tyra says that Heather is awkward but very coachable. Saleisha has a beautiful face, and there were moments when she caught the camera and it really worked. Nigel doesn't see a lot of improvement in Sarah, even though she's had consistently good pictures. Miss J. looks at Sarah and wonders if they ever had a plus-sized girl in the competition. Nigel says that she doesn't look like a plus-sized model, and that's how she was brought into the competition. You can't just say you're a plus-sized model when you're not. Chantal was stiff and flat. Twiggy asks if that's because she was nervous, and Tyra says that it probably was, but that when you get the job, you've gotta do it. Bianca has a cool, bad-ass confidence that Jessy likes, even though she wasn't very fluid. Nigel says that Bianca also "fitted" in the role, and Tyra makes fun of the fact that he said "fitted." Maybe she should point him "towards" a dictionary.

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