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The Girl Who Can Hear, But Not Remember, The Thunder

This, of course, leaves Jael and Brittany in the final two. They hold hands like the lovers that they are. Tyra tells Brittany that she's delivered some of the best photos in the competition, but that it's also really important to be able to deliver a Cover Girl commercial. So when the judges saw her butt-ass performance, they got scared. And while they tried to be compassionate to her situation, they can't favor her because of it. That's fair. Jael, meanwhile, has beautiful pictures. But how she presents herself on film is ghastly. To see a girl with so much personality, fire, and spunk fall so flat in a commercial also makes the judges nervous. Plus, Jael just generally seems like she has about 20 staples lodged in her head at any given moment. So who will it be? I mean, duh. Brittany gets a photo, and Jael is sent home.

A teary Jael thanks Tyra and says that this experience has changed her life tremendously. Tyra tells Jael that she has a lot of potential, but she just has to get that pesky speaking thing together. There is a big group hug, and Jael tells the rest of the girls that she loves them. As she packs up to go back to the U.S., a patriotic Jael puts on a blue wig and red tutu. She says that she's been through so much on Top Model, and it's been a real learning experience that she's thankful to have had. She's also proud to have gotten so far. She says that she's going to miss each and every one of the thirteen girls who were in the house, and she adds that she might be the only person fortunate enough to have created bonds with all of them. We get a review of her portfolio, and I have to say that it's actually pretty good. She heads out the door. And though I'll kind of miss her, I am thankful for the fact that we won't have to see that t-shirt with the tie and buttons on it anymore. There really is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.

Next week: Go sees Down Under! And Brittany loses her shit. Again.

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