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The Girl Who Can Hear, But Not Remember, The Thunder

Tyra Mail! Jael, decked out in a red tutu, reads it. "Trust me, talking to people every day isn't as easy as it looks. Love, Tyra." If you were basing your opinions about talking to people on The Tyra Banks Show, I would imagine you would think talking to people every day is stupid and inconsequential, even if you do it with an air of self-righteousness. You might also think that telling people to kiss your fat ass is an okay conversational tactic, which, really, it is not. ["Now you tell me." -- Miss Alli]

The next day, the girls get a knock on their door. It's April, from Season 2. Even years later and wearing a sequined tank top, she still looks too technical. April tells the girls that she's been working as a model in the U.S. and abroad. But the most exciting thing that she's gotten to do is be a correspondent for the TV show Miami Vibe. Okay, is this a real show or just some YouTube thing that she made up? Because it looks hella-cheesy either way. And maybe like a porno. April says that to be a model today, you need to be a jack-of-all-trades. No you don't! You just need to stand there and look pretty. I hate when they perpetuate false stereotypes. Anyway, April is there to prepare them to do jack. Jaslene says that she's had a lot of problems, because her Spanish accent is so thick, and she wants to learn to talk good.

April tells the girls that, as interviewers, there are a few different kinds of interviewees that they might encounter. One is the person who just won't shut up. Another is the person who won't talk at all. April has brought her good friend, the vertically challenged actor and comedian Gary Riotto, to help demonstrate what a good interview is and isn't. Jael interviews that she knows how to talk to anyone about anything, because she's fearless and has a lot to say. Too bad 70% of it is completely unintelligible -- otherwise she might have a shot. April and Gary demonstrate the two types of interviews described above, and April gives the girls tips on how to overcome your crappy interviewee.

Then, it is the girls' turn to give it a try. Jaslene says that she's nervous and doesn't know how to interview people, and that at times she just loses her words and goes blank. We see this in action as she tries to interview Brittany. April tells the girls that dead air is no good. Natasha interviews that, of all the girls, she has the most potential to be a correspondent, because she has the look and knows how to talk. She interviews Renee and does okay, and then Renee interviews her. Renee starts to talk over Natasha's response, and Natasha is all, "Bitch, I didn't finish my sentence." April says that both of the girls were very engaged, and that she's sensing a ping-pong. That's funny, because I'm sensing a ding-dong.

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