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The Girl Who Can Hear, But Not Remember, The Thunder

Dionne and Jael are next. Dionne asks Jael if she was scared and nervous being in the bottom two, and Jael says no, because she's completely fearless and is the queen of the world and is going to kick everyone else's butt. Like, how does Jael order a sandwich at the deli? I'm just amazed that she can get through day-to-day life. Jael then interviews Dionne, and the two kind of seem to get into it. As Natasha says, "Dionne and Jael are having a really, really hot talk." When she looks at them, she imagines two cats that are ready to jump on each other. This is clearly to Natasha's great delight, as the smile when she says it looks like it's about to crack her face in two. Jael asks Dionne if she thinks she deserves to be there, and Dionne says, "Hay-ell yes I think I deserve to be here, and I KNOW I deserve to be here." Jael says that Dionne hasn't won the contest yet, and Gary has to start fanning himself. Too hot for The CW! April tells the girls to be themselves, and not try to sound like what they think a host should be. Tomorrow, April says, she will tell them what their interview-related challenge will be.

Back at home, the girls are in the pool splashing around and throwing little plastic balls at each other. It's like they're at Chuck E. Cheese, but with more jiggling. Jael says that all the girls in the house are very important to her, and she loves it there. Renee interviews that she and Jael have had differences in the past, but they can always separate and vent. In the pool, Renee gives Jael a big kiss on the cheek. She says that they're back on track, and she's just letting Jael be Jael. In other words, like a kid who has to wear a helmet to go to school. However, Renee says, she doesn't know if Jael has what it takes to be a model.

The next day, April meets with the girls and robotically says that she's enjoyed teaching them all she's learned about corresponding. She taught them two things! I guess that's all you need to know as the host of Miami Vibe. Now they can take all their new knowledge and hit the streets, says April. And just then, someone in what looks to be a big dog costume comes hopping in. But it is not a dog costume, it's a kangaroo costume. And who is inside but Tyra! She whips her costume head off and tells the girls that they're going to Sydney, Australia. Yaaaaay! But what's even more exciting is that when she whips off the kangaroo head, her do-rag comes with it, and she feverishly tries to keep it atop her head because, I am assuming, she is bald as Telly Savalas.

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