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The Girl Who Can Hear, But Not Remember, The Thunder

The girls get the Aussie Slang Bible to study before they set to task. Brittany interviews that she's nervous, because of her short-term memory. When she was in high school, she tells us, she was run over by a car. Shut UP! How have we not heard this before? She had eight staples in her head, and it affected the memory part of her brain. Ahh, maybe that's why she seemed to forget that she hated Renee for a minute. Huh. It seems like a legit personal tragedy, though I don't know why it wouldn't have affected her memorization of the script for last week's acting challenge. Weird! Anyway, we'll hear more about this later. Dionne is just mad that they have to go straight on assignment after that crazy-ass plane ride. For reals. They must be tired.

Renee goes to her first interview at Bondi beach and uses the word "avro," which means afternoon, and she gets an immediate point on the slang-o-meter. She gets a few more points, and we learn that Australians think that (a) you should not wear flip-flops with an expensive outfit; and (b) underwear needs to be kept inside the pants. Dionne has a rough time with the slang, but she gets four or five points on the "that's-cool-o-meter." "That's cool" is apparently one of Dionne's signature phrases, along with, "Fucking lesbo." Jael's interview teases out the fact that Aussie women are more fashionable than American women because they are more apt to go topless at the beach. Jael is all about that. Brittany interviews an American woman who says that a big faux pas is women wearing skimpy shirts with their bra straps showing. Which is exactly what Brittany is wearing right at that moment. Awesome!

Jaslene asks a guy if he's wearing daks -- also known as boxers to us yanks -- and then asks to see them. Bold! Jaslene says that the guy is a dag, or funny person. Natasha uses a whole bunch of slang words, and in the process, she asks a dude if he wears lipstick and calls him "cactus," or dead. There's that fabled Soviet charm for you. Meanwhile, Jael still thinks she's good at talking to people, and Dionne has a nine on the "that's-cool-o-meter" but has used zero slang. We get a transitional shot of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and an orange boat called "Wallenius Wilhelmsen" passes underneath. I imagine this is the name of the original Wholahay's husband.

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