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The Girl Who Can Hear, But Not Remember, The Thunder

The girls meet back up with Erika, who tells them that they won't know the winner of the competition until the next panel. They do, however, deserve some rest, so they get a big-ass key to their new apartment, which is of course gorgeous. For no apparent reason other than to flash back, Jaslene notes that there are pictures of CariDee all over the house. Oh, CariDee. So pretty. Natasha tells us that there are six girls, but there can only be one winner. This is the "break point" of the competition, she says, when people have to get serious. Natasha probably thinks this means that they need to order satellite radio. Jael talks to Renee about who has and hasn't been in the bottom two. Jael has been in the bottom two twice. Renee says that the only people who haven't been in the bottom three are her and Brittany. There technically is no bottom three, and that was an assy thing to say. Brittany tells us that she thinks she can have what it takes to be America's Next Top Model, but still thinks she has a bit to learn. With this, we head to commerc-os.

When we return, there is Aussie Tyra Mail. "G'Day! Are you ready to put up your dukes? Love, Tyra." The girls speculate that they'll be boxing kangaroos. I hope the kangaroos rough them up a little.

The girls head to a giant park or wilderness preserve or something, where they meet Jay Manuel. He is dressed in a camouflage tee, and over it he wears a button-down shirt with the collar up. It's like a walking argument for not letting gays in the military. He tells them that instead of the standard photo shoot for the day, the girls are going to have to do a commercial. The twist? They have to do it with a thick Australian accent. Natasha is nervous about this whole thing, because she already has accent enough to deal with. The premise of the commercial is that a photographer is waiting for a kangaroo to come by so he can take a picture of it, but then the girls show up with their dramatic eyes laden in Cover Girl makeup. That distracts the photographer, and he starts shooting the girls instead. If only they changed "photographer" to "hunter," I would be down with this concept.

The girls head to hair and makeup, where they get their scripts and some tips on how to pronounce words Aussie-style. And, may I add (thanks to an email from hawk-eyed viewer Sam), the makeup artists aren't even using Cover Girl products! Sutan has some explaining to do. Brittany interviews that she's nervous about her short-term memory affecting her, but that it just takes practice and time.

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