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The Girl Who Is Way Too Nice

The girls line up before Tyra. Jaslene gets called first again, with praise for being the strongest one of the bunch. Then: Felicia, Diana, Renee, Brittany, Cassandra, Dionne, Jael, Whitney, and Sarah. Samantha and Natasha step forward. The judges say that the two of them have the strongest faces, but that something is lacking with each. Samantha takes beautiful pictures, but seems way too young. Natasha has a gorgeous face, but it hasn't translated to photos. So maybe she's not photogenic. Natasha gets the photo because, says Tyra, of what she has on the inside -- life and experience and a story, and hopefully some drama yet to come. Tyra says that's what she loves about this competition -- it's about more than being pretty or taking a pretty photo. Yeah, yeah, then get some hags on there. Talk is cheap, Tyra.

Tyra hugs Samantha and says that she just needs a little more time. The other girls are crying that she has to leave. Renee seems particularly upset, and says that she loves Samantha and that she should be a good girl. Samantha tells us that she's not outgoing like wild and crazy Jael. She's very simple, and that's how she was raised. The plus side of getting kicked off is that she gets to go home and see her family. She says that maybe, sometime in the future, modeling will work out, but this wasn't the time, or God's plan for her. I think God in all His wisdom probably wanted to get Samantha out of that house as fast as possible.

Next week: makeovers! Renee and Brittany have some words. And Jael gets some tragic news from home.

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