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The Girl Who Is Way Too Nice

When we return, there is Tyra Mail. Natasha reads it, which is a mistake. The Tyra Mail reads, "I'm so glad we're BFFs. Good luck in all you do and don't forget to KIT. Love, Tyra." Sarah notes that sometimes it's difficult for Natasha to get her point across because of the language barrier. You know that any time someone would yell, "Move it, you skank!" or something of the sort, her husband would just tell her, "That means you're beautiful."

The girls wind up back at the high school, where they meet Jay Manuel. He tells them that their photo shoot this week is going to be high school clichés. Renee is the class clown, Whitney is the mean girl, Jael is the bookworm, Felicia is the jock, Cassandra is the cheerleader, Jaslene is the weirdo, Diana is the student body president, Brittany is the valedictorian, Dionne is the bad girl, Natasha is the teacher's pet, Sarah is the class flirt, and Samantha is the girl with the bad reputation. Special guest Hallie Bowman, Herbal Essences professional stylist, is there to do their hair, with a lot of Herbal Essences products. How will the girls be able to hear Jay's directions over the sounds of so many orgasms happening at once?

Jael shoots first. She is dressed as the nerd, and says that she loves her look and that it's something that she'd wear on a normal occasion. She actually looks really cute. She wants to take the glasses from her wardrobe home with her -- they let out the nerd inside her soul.

Next, Sarah does flirty. Jay tells her to go with her first instinct, because she knows what she's doing. Sarah interviews that she thinks because she does photography and has done modeling before, she tends to overthink and overanalyze. Well, we all know where that leads. I have to say, Sarah seems less annoying in this episode. Maybe it's because certain other folks are being doubly annoying.

Dionne is next. She says that she's not a bad girl, but could maybe play it slutty, because she's good at seducing people. She gets them in that dentist chair and uses wiles like you've never seen from someone holding a tooth scraper. Dionne, it must be said, looks hot.

Next is Cassandra. We get a bunch of stuff from the Herbal Essences lady, which is hilarious since we know that Cassandra has a wig sewn to her head. Cassandra is the cheerleader, and gets to show some attitude. Jay tells her that he thinks it's a little dull, and that Cassandra is not a dull girl. She tries to be less dull, with mixed results.

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