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Meanwhile, things aren't going so well with Keenyah. She says that she didn't know her cut was going to be so blunt, and that it crushed her. So very easy to work with, that Keenyah. She has apparently been complaining to Jay a bit, because we cut to her telling him that she has no choice but to do what he says. Jay -- because he knows he has no clout with anyone -- says that it wasn't just his choice, but a collective decision amongst him, Miss J., and Tyra. Keenyah snottily looks away from Jay. He says that he can get Tyra on the phone, and Keenyah says no, no, she's fine with it. Jay says that she's obviously not fine with it, because she's questioning him and the hairdresser, and that's not cool. On the non-complaining end of town, Lluvy loves her new hair and makeup, which in combination probably took about three pounds off of her. Girl wore a lot of eyeliner before, is all I'm saying. I know they were going for Shelley Duvall, but I actually think that she now looks more like Mackenzie Phillips. I don't know if that's a good thing. Brittany loves her "major bang power" and says that she's hot. She looks like she's wearing a sassy new wig. Tiffany, in waist-long straight extension, actually looks about a thousand times better. She's very excited. We also see that Miss J. gave Tiffany's teddy bear a makeover by putting Brandy's old hair on him like Princess Leia buns. Tiffany says that teddy is a guy, but still looks cute.

Meanwhile, at Complainer's Ranch, Brandy is getting her eyebrows done. She says that her eyebrows were black, which wouldn't match her short, orange-ish hair. So they dyed them. She snits snottily, "How am I gonna go back to my boyfriend? He don't gonna want me no more." And frankly, I'm amazed that anyone wanted her in the first place. Brittany interviews that Brandy's attitude is ridiculous. Brandy looks in the mirror and says, "I'm sorry. I don't care who don't like me no more. But I can't see my eyebrows." Tell it to Whoopi Goldberg. Jay interviews that Brandy's attitude is pissing him off, and then tells her as much. Miss J. asks what the problem is, and Brandy says nothing. In the meantime, Keenyah loves her finished cut, and admits that the drama was unnecessary. She says she's the kind of person who never complains. Um, no, because we just saw her complaining. She says that she feels stupid, and is in love with her haircut, which makes her face and bone structure stand out.

It is night, and Tyra enters the salon and calls everyone together. She tells them that part of being a top model is accepting change and being a blank palette. She also says that they are privileged to be working with some of the top people in the business who, in fact, helped to shape her own career. She commends twelve of the girls for being open, but says that two girls -- and they know who they are -- pissed her off, and that this will come to bear the next time she sees them, which will be at judging. D'oh! Keenyah and Brandy look mildly terrified. Yay! I like this new, meaner side of Tyra. Commercials.

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