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So then there was also the time when the girls were instructed in how to be contortionists, with the help of Canada's Next Top Model's own Stacey McKenzie. And people in the know have told me that Stacey McKenzie is really, really cool, despite the fact that on first glance she is kind of terrifying. And I mean that in the kindest way possible. Anchal showed herself to be pretty flexible, but her newly found confidence was crushed when she heard Melrose and others trash-talking her in the hot tub. She cries about how mean all the bitches can be. Honey, it's called life. The girls pose on a pedestal for designer Bao Tranchi, and try to incorporate elements of some of their contortionist poses. And Eugena wins! Well done. I don't know why, but I kind of like Eugena.

But the biggest prize of all, of course, is Tyra coming to talk to the girls about fears and insecurities. Anchal spills the beans about feeling bad because of the trash-talking bitches that she has to cohabitate with. She cries and cries that she got made fun of when she was a kid, which, she has to add, nobody probably believes on account of how freaking gorgeous she is now. You know, she had me on that one, and then she lost me. Tyra tells the girls not to let some mean girl get in their head and throw them off base. CUT TO A REACTION SHOT OF MELROSE, who wants to get you and your little dog, too.

And then, in an unseen moment, Melrose has to account for her actions in front of the whole group after Tyra leaves. All right! Megg tells her that she gets very frustrated with Melrose and the way she comes off. Melrose says that she feels misunderstood, especially in regard to the situation with Anchal. Anchal says that she tried to get to know Melrose, but she still comes off with an attitude, and says mean shit about people. And no one likes that! It pisses people off, and Melrose ignores it. Melrose says that maybe there's just a part of her that the others don't like. Oh, how can you pick just one? Melrose says that she can't accelerate and change; they're all competing, and she's not going to be walked on, and she's going to demand the same respect that she gives to the others. Basically, she just doesn't give a shit. Back at home, A.J. and Caridee discuss the fact that Melrose's bitchiness is uncalled for. She finds little ways to put other people down, and they are just over it. They note the irony that she is the oldest person there, and the most childish.

And then there was the circus sideshow shoot, which entailed a lot of raw meat for cannibal A.J., and a lot of...twin-i-ness...for the twins. Caridee put on an elephant trunk, and Melrose got extra-ugly. Jaeda, as the strong woman, struggled, and Megg couldn't get past her mutton chops as the bearded lady. She is upset at her performance, especially because of the fact that she has modeling potential. At Panel, the judges loved Melrose's wrinkly fierceness, but didn't see the potential in Megg and she was sent home. In her exit interview, Megg notes that there's so much fake going on, and it's hard to keep a positive attitude. MELROSE.

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