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At the real Panel, Jaeda still doesn't get raves, and lands in the bottom two for the third time. But an indifferent A.J. is the one to go, and that seems totally okay with her. She interviews that she came into this competition not knowing what to do with her life, and she hopes that it's given her some direction that modeling is at least an option for her future. I'm down with that.

The next photo shoot involved Tyra behind the lens, and the girls wearing some freaky contacts. Scary/sexy was the theme. Tyra says that she wants angry and evil, but with sex appeal. Kind of like Katie Couric. What? She's hot. We get to see all of these photos, because Tyra is the best. Do you get it? THE BEST. The girls then got schooled in subtle sexiness by burlesque sensation Dita Von Teese. While Melrose and Caridee were comfortable being sexy, others had some problems working it. These included Michelle, who in all fairness had a baseball bat to work with, and virginal, pure Brooke, whose only prop was her hymen. The head of Elite Models had the girls over for a dinner party, in which the girls provided the entertainment by walking down the table like it was a runway. I do not like to eat with shoes near my food, so I don't know how the guests of that party did it. Amanda stumbled a little, and Anchal struggled with the fact that her body is more suited for swimwear than runway. In the end, it was Melrose who scored yet another challenge victory, thus really sealing the hate of the other girls. And Anchal still can't get over the fact that she's fatter than she used to be. Ain't we all, sister. Caridee offers the helpful advice that Anchal should stop, "Fryin' up that sausage." But sausage is so delicious!

And speaking of sausage, the girls next did a photo shoot with Special Guest Star Fabio. The theme was romance novel covers, and Anchal used her curves to her advantage. Brooke, however, was pretty clueless. Well, give the girl a break, she didn't get to go to prom. The judges criticized her for her inhibition in the shoot, and she was eliminated. She says that it's hard, because she wanted it more than anyone. And, they fail to mention, it was the night of her high school graduation! Stupid Tyrant.

So only seven girls remain! They are: Melrose, the bold beauty with an eye for fashion from San Francisco. Eugena, the sexy siren who sizzles on the runway, from Palmdale, California. Michelle, the long tall tomboy, and her photogenic twin Amanda, from Anaheim. Caridee, the stunner from Fargo with the super-sized personality. Anchal, the gentle breathtaking beauty from Homestead, Florida. And Jaeda, the statuesque student from Parkersburg, Iowa. Who will win? It's anyone's game, bitches!

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